DemonGoo | Catalina Safya Application

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DemonGoo | Catalina Safya Application

Post  DemonGoo on Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:03 pm

Steam Name And ID:DemonGoo STEAM_0:0:76561198018076759

In-Game Main Character Name:Catalina Safya

How long have you played on the server?:2 Week

Character Backstory (Minimum Two Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):Catalina born in City 17 and lived there for 20 years.She lost her father when she was 7 years old.When she was 10 she fall down from roof.Then in she's 20s she went to City 9.

She Live there for 5 years.She was married there but the combines kill her husband.This is why she wanted to come City 18.While she's coming to City 18 She lost her mother and brother in an accident.

After accident she came to the City 18.She rent a room.Now she wants to join Civil Protection.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game (Minimum 10):

/me smiles and looks at his brother.
/me rises her eyebrow and looks at the old soda cans.
/me looks through the window and sees CPs.
/me gets a cup and fills it with Breen's water.
/me silently goes around his roommate and follows him.
/me attempts to tie the citizen.
/me puts the backpack on the floor and opens it.
/me gets angry and starts to cry.
/me wants to go but his leg is broken.
/me tooks the dead's body and goes to his secret place.

Roleplay Example: CP:''Wall''
CP:''Wall now!''
Citizen:''I didn't do anything''
CP:''This is your last warning''
Citizen:''Ahh Ok''

Why do you want to be MPF?:Because I love rp and I want to make the city the most good place to roleplay and I want to make the city more safe place.A city without criminals.I want to improve my RP too.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?:Yes,I do.

Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?:Yes,I do.


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Re: DemonGoo | Catalina Safya Application

Post  Burningfox6 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:10 pm

DENIED. Too short of paragraphs, and you can't be born in a City, 1. They killed all people under 18 years of age, or pregnant women. 2. They have a suppression field to prevent pregnancy.

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