Lawliet's MPF application

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Lawliet's MPF application

Post  L.Lawliet on Sun Mar 11, 2012 5:43 pm

Steam Name And ID:~TR~Wo.1 L. Lawliet

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:21270757

In-Game Main Character Name:James Monarch

How long have you played on the server?:2 Weeks

Character Backstory (Minimum Two Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):
James was raised in California during the time he was staying there he had a rough life he would usually get into arguments and sometimes fights,when the portal storms opened he thought of it as nothing but then when it destroyed everything in it's path
he knew he had to leave California.He packed up his stuff all the remnants of what he had and he took off running into the next city when he got there the portal storm was behind him still leaving everything destroyed he stayed the night on the roof of an apartment complex.After the first day passed he continued to try and get as far away from the storm,fatigue caught in and he could no longer run he was very tired people on a truck passed by him they stopped and asked if he needs a ride. James said
"Yeah I need to get away from that storm is that why you guys are leaving too?". The driver said "Yeah we're going to Dallas.".
James said "Alright i'm coming with you then." James hopped onto the truck and the driver drove off.

It took 3 weeks and then they arrived. The storm however something wasn't right about it he looked closer at it and he saw some ships flying out of it he then said "We got to get out of here!" The driver asked "Why?" James pointed at the storm saying "There are some sort of carriers what it looks like coming out of the storm we got to go now!" The driver nodded telling everyone to get back on.We continued to head out we went to Alabama we stopped to refuel there and then they continued to France once there they could no longer go any further without a ship to ride on. Once they were there one of the carriers dropped off troops they had glowing blue eyes a helmet they surrounded the truck they ordered them out of the truck everyone got out they said to put your hands on your head and get on you're knees we all complied except for one man he took off running but then he was shot dead by one soldier.James and everyone else were ziptied then taken on the carrier
they got to a city it was called city 18 they were stripped of their clothes and everything they had and given new clothing that said City 18 on it. We all split up James got an apartment room and slept in there.A ration cycle was then announced James then got up and headed for the terminal.While there he saw a Civil Protection unit they both stared at eachother for a couple of seconds then he told James to look forward he did as he was told one person got unruly and tried to cut infront when one of the civil protection units saw they smacked him with a electrical rod otherwise know as a stunstick the unit grabbed him and threw him outside.James was next when they said Apply he looked in confusion the unit then said "State your name and CID."
James said his name "James Monarch." he felt something in his pockets he then took it out and read the numbers to the unit
the unit checked his data he said "Clean record." and then handed him his ration he saw a poster of the Civil Protection telling the citizens to join he then walked to the nexus checkpoint and asked a unit about joining the unit then escorted him to the nexus.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game (Minimum 10):
**MPF-03.10934 stops the citizen
**Citizen quickly stuffs his hands in his pockets trying to hide something
**MPF-03.10934 Unholsters his USP aiming at the man yelling "Take your hands out of your pockets!"
**Citizen doesn't comply and keeps his hands in his pockets
**MPF-03.10934 Holsters his pistol seeing that the citizen is no threat
**MPF-03.10934 yells "Second warning take your hands out of your pockets and face the wall!"
**Citizen spits in the 03's direction
**MPF-03.10934 Runs toward the citizen grabbing him by the neck and slamming him on the ground
**Citizen grunts struggling to get the unit off him
**MPF-03.10934 Puts his knee on the citizens back keeping him down
**MPF-03.10934 Radios in"Got a malcompliance citizen here he is trying to resist."
**Citizen Kicks his legs up at the unit missing horribly
**MPF-03.10934 yells "Quit resisting"
**Citizen yells back "No fuck you i'm not going back into detainment!"
**MPF-03.10934 Clenches his fist sending it to the citizen's face knocking him out instantly
**MPF-03.10934 Zip ties the man getting up off him picking him up and taking him into detainment
**MPF-03.10934 Throws the citizen against the wall patting him down
**The citizen has a large amount of marijuana
**MPF-03.10934 Radios in "Citizen with a large amount of marijuana what time of detainment
**MPF-OfC.88312 Replies "4 Cycles and a major beating"
**MPF-03.10934 walks into the room kicking the man in the ribs
**Citizen wakes up kicking the MPF in the chest
**MPF-03.10934 stumbles back then grabs the man's legs breaking them both
**A crack his heard
**Citizen yells in pain as his legs are broken
**MPF-03.10934 Sighs radioing in "Need a medical unit down at detainment citizen with broken legs

Why do you want to be MPF?:
I wan't to enlist in the Metro Police Force to keep the city safe and clean of the anti citizens.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your

whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?:
Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?:

Do not go Rogue without my authorization! (Burningfox6). Also, If I'm not on, ask someone to ask me,

and just try to get your rank to 04 before you go Rogue.


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Re: Lawliet's MPF application

Post  Renzo on Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:44 am

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