Connor Stanton Application

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Connor Stanton Application

Post  Ukraine on Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:05 pm

Steam Name And ID: Ukraine STEAM_0:0:2596995

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:2596995

In-Game Main Character Name: Connor Stanton

How long have you played on the server?: One day

Character Backstory (Minimum Two Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):
Connor born in 1981 , Kiev, Ukraine. The child came into the world as a healthy baby boy. Raised by both loving parents Mikhail and Alexandria, Connor was a very normal, curious , happy baby.. After 3 years living in Ukraine, the Bae family moved to Canada , province British Columbia , Vancouver. He attended preschool at age 5, he was nervous and scared at first because of how attached he was to his mother, but after days and days going to school, Connor felt comfortable. He loved school and learning, but there was a sense of shyness. After preschool, Connor enrolled into Elementary school, he thought this is where all the big boy's were. He told himself that it would be no different from preschool. He was right. Connor made many friends and did very well in class. He listened, payed attention, did his homework and aced his tests. Every after school, he would hang out with his best friend, Seva. A Russian, dirty blond kid. They loved to play so many games, fooling around, talking, telling jokes. But, Seva wasn't like Connor, no. Seva would always get into trouble, start fights and smoke. But, he loved him as a friend and no matter what happens, they will always stay as friends. After graduating Elementary school, Connor enrolled into Princess Margaret Secondary with Seva. It was the same routine just like from Elementary school. Connor did well in school while Seva did horribly. Once again, with luck Seva graduated high school with Connor and they went their separate ways from there. He lived with his parents for two years before earning enough money and attending college. He waved goodbye to his parents and went off for his adult hood adventures.

-- When the Combine invaded Earth, Connor ran into a subway station with other panicked people attempting to hide. The place was overcrowded and there were few police officers and firefighters watching and taking care of injured civilians. After 30 minutes of hiding, the power went out and the entire platform became dark. Emergency lights went up and flashlights were turned on. Connor hid in the way back near the train tracks, watching what was going on. Then all the sudden, a blast come from the entrance, people got knocked down and there was screaming. "Aliens!" People started yelling, the aliens were the Combine soldiers, shooting up anyone that they meet. Death and peoples screaming filled the entire subway station. The officers popped off few rounds, but that did no good. They died fast. Connor panicked and jumped into the train tracks, he ran down the tunnel as fast as he can, hearing the cries of peoples death behind him. Soon after it faded away , he became tired, scared and thirsty. Complete darkness filled his eyes, he couldn't see one thing, but he heard something. It sounded like there was something behind him and to his left. Like a small animal snickering. He stopped dead in his tracks and knew exactly what it was. He heard about them on the news when the Portal storms first appeared and the crab like looking aliens started to attack random by standers. The crab growled and he just ran. He ran again from his fears, running that it won't latch onto his head. Up ahead, light dimmed, it was the end of the tunnel. He kept running and running, so close, so close. Once he finally reached the end of the tunnel, he saw the city in flames. Flying space ships fired into the streets, explosion and fire erupted. "It's an invasion..." He said to himself. He stood tired, sweating, panting on the train tracks, watching the invaders attack. He fainted from exhaustion. After couple of hours, he woke up in the Vancouver city hall lobby. It was packed with other people, they were all quiet and stared at a humanoid figure up in the distance, it talked loud and in a strange tone. Connor couldn't quite figure out what it was saying, but there was something that caught his attention; Earth is now under occupation by the Combine overlords.

-- A decade has passed , Connor had been relocated atleast ten times by some high-tech computer by the CCA. He got transferred to C8 and was given a key to a room in a run down apartment. He stank like piss. Everyday, he went to work cleaning the windows and building walls of this apartment. He got paid little and worked overtime. When he got off work, he took a stroll down to the streets to his place, once in awhile, he would watch Units beat up a innocent by-stander on the streets. He chuckled and loved watching, it was like TV for him. When he got back to his apartment; still smelling like piss, Connor would watch out the window, staring at the dark, depressing streets where APC's would drive by and checkpoints were always heavily monitored. Everyday , he would see the same familiar faces that come in and out of the checkpoints. The post was guarded by two units, glancing and glaring as they pass. This was his daily routine and he hated it. He needed to get out this life and make a new one. He decided one day to join the CCA. At first, Connor loved the idea. If being a CCA was bad, how come they always laughed when they beat a man to inch to his death. He wanted to start over, he wanted to join. More food for his stomach and benefits for him. The next day, after he got off work, he went to a recruitment officer and filled out the necessary paper work to join as a Unit. Now, he awaits for his approval, waiting in his apartment, doing his daily routine over and over again.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game (Minimum 10):
Citizen Running
/y Hold it citizen!
Citizen continues to run
** Radios in 11-99
** After a five minute chase down
** Unit draws his 9mm Sidearm
(We Roll, assuming i win the roll)
** Firing his 9mm it hits the suspect dropping him down
** Radios in taking suspect to detention requesting COURT Unit to be on station
** Brings the suspect back to the nexus detainment block
** Hand suspect over to COURT Unit
** Walk back out onto the streets to catch another one.

Why do you want to be MPF?: To enhance the roleplay experience for myself, As well as other players.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your

whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: Yes

Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?:

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Re: Connor Stanton Application

Post  Renzo on Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:15 pm

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