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Post  lBronyl Gir-Ite. on Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:24 pm

This is Gir, the worst admin in the world. Today, I shall show you the rules. >:D

1. No punchwhoring- Kick, perma ban.
2. No propclimbing- Warning, kick, one day ban
3. No propsurfing- Warning, kick, one day ban
4. No propkilling- Warning, kick, three day ban (Note: if it is ICly/RP it is okay. It is also okay if it is accedetal.)
5. Respect all admins, and players- Three warnings, kick, perma ban
6. Don't advertise other servers- Warning, kick, perma ban
7. General mingery is not allowed- Kick, perma ban
8. No mic usage- Warning, kick, one day ban

Notice: If it continues after a temporary ban- You will be perma banned.

Also- Any kind of RP is allowed. That includes cyber *gasp* as long as it's not overly-excessive.
lBronyl Gir-Ite.
lBronyl Gir-Ite.
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