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Post  Spectre Once-ler on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:29 pm

You, a part of the resistance, find a kind of datapad. You pick it up, pressing a few buttons.
You try with a random number.
<:: || PASSWORD: 91726 ||::>
<:: || ACCESS GRANTED || ::>
You start to read everything written on the datapad.

<:: || Day One || ::>

Hello, whoever is reading this. I am Unit 91726. I have just started in the Civil Protection Force. It's pretty weird and hard, but I'll learn more as I uh.. Rank up. I am currently a recruit, unknowing of what to do. I have asked a few units on how to do as a CP. It seems to be pretty rough. Many has looked down on me, made fun of me.. Just for being a recruit. It's probably going to be like this, forever. Our first training is not yet, probably first in a few days, so I guess I'm locked in here until then. The Nexus is pretty big. And even without having to visit the higher floors, I can already see that this place is really important. Might be why I'm not allowed to leave.. To like, protect it. That's atleast one reason to feel important. I just hope that everyone would stop mocking me.. It feels like being back in school again, back when the combine weren't here. Not like those times were any better. Anyhow, I am going to proceed walking around the Nexus. I've met a few high ranks, but I've been too scared to even look at them. Tried my best to stay away from them. But, goodbye for now.

<:: || Day Two || ::>

Guess what? I've been promoted. I am so happy. Finally, I'm really a part of the Civil Protection Force and I can finally patrol. Training was a bit hard, but I made it through and the uh.. Division leader training us even said I was good. I feel like I've accomplished something. Well, I pretty much have, since I've been promoted. Finally being an 05 is really great. Patrolling, weapons, and such. I haven't gone into beating any citizens yet, because, well.. I'm not really sure if I can at the moment. I mean, they are other citizens like me.. But I will have to do it, sometime. I've seen a few people in detainment, some of them getting beaten by other units. I've seen some really rough 05's and 03's. I never thought anyone could be as heartless as those people.. And after reading a few books on CPs, I realized.. Those units haven't been brainwashed yet, and are doing it all on their own. That means those people really a heartless.. I can't stand looking at it. I hope that I will get brainwashed soon, so that I can actually live with what I'm doing. This is all for today.

<:: || Corrupted Data || ::>

<:: || Found Data. Day 34 || ::>

So, today I've been promoted to 02. I've already went through brainwashing and I feel like a new person. Reading everything from Day Two has been terrible. Was I really that stupid back then? Atleast I've learned more since then. I have detained several people, amputated a few anti-citizens and even some rebels. I've also interrogated a few. I really like this. Just.. Watching people in pain. It makes me feel so good. I wish I could see more. I recently saw a goddamn 03 cut arms and legs off a person. I might like violence, but that is too much of an 03. If I could, I would had punished that unit. But I will leave that to the higher rankings. Also, I was promoted by the Sector Commander.. In person! He is amazing. I probably should avoid those high ranks, but hell, it was the Sector Commander. He looks like he could take down the whole resistance - On his own. Maybe I'll become like him one day.. Just maybe. I have to stop now. There's a Division Leader outside. I gotta go. Goodbye.

<:: || Missing Data. Searching for next data update || ::>

<:: || Found Data. Day 59 || ::>

Hello, whoever is reading this. This is unit 91726. Just today, I've joined the divison BLADE. I had a choice between three sub-divisions and I chose DAGGER. Close distance weaponry. Oh, also, I'm an OfC. Yeah, you read that. OfC. I've become one of the high people, now. Training recruits is a mess, though. Half of them can't even fire a weapon. I remember I was better myself back then. I hope these units will change. I can only wish them good luck. After training, I promoted the recruits. A whole bunch of new 05's we've got here. Most of them are worthless. Just basic citizens in nice uniforms. I've talked with several units. None of them seem to fear me at all. Maybe I should get more rough? I mean, units are supposed to fear the higher ranks. Maybe that will wait to another time. For the last couple of updates on my data, I've forgotten to add one thing: Unit 851. A really great GHOST-SPECTRE unit. I met her back when I was an 02. She did a really good job in taking care of two anti-citizens. She was in the hospital for a few days and was prohibited from going into the mini-slums again.. But, I haven't mentioned to anyone what happened in the hospital. I took off my mask, told her she did a great work and without thinking.. I kissed her. I then left, telling her to take care, taking on my mask again.. I don't know if she still remembers, but I hope she does. Because I do. Look at me, an OfC talking about this stuff. I shouldn't be doing that. The next brainwashing will probably take away all memory of this.. Maybe..

<:: || Data Missing. Searching for next data update || ::>

<:: || Data Found. Day 90 || ::>

This is GHOST-DAGGER-EpU.91726. This will be one of my last data updates, for now. Most of the data has been removed or corrupted. This was for security protocol of the CP. Too much information about the MPF. Too high risks to have written down. Resistance might find it. As said, this is part of one of the last data updates. All I have to say is: Thank you for taking your time to read all this. I might be a harsh unit, but I can still appreciate things like a human being. Augmentations and brainwashing has driven me wild. And I love all this. If you see me, fear me.
*A picture of a EpU with a shotgun is shown as you scroll down*
Be careful. Because I am here.

<:: || Recording Found. Playing Now || ::>

*An EpU is shown in the video.*
"Anti-citizen. Prepare for civil judgement... Amputation"

You turn around, looking behind you. And before you know it, you're shot. Full blast of a shotgun. Before you fall dead on the ground, you see the uniform of the person who shot you. EpU. As you are falling, you hear the words: "This is 91726.. Goodbye"

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