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<Medical Research:Status;(Authorization)..Pending;Unit 44343 Empty <Medical Research:Status;(Authorization)..Pending;Unit 44343

Post  Devildrvr(44343) on Tue Mar 20, 2012 10:07 pm

// Unit 44343;Medical;Research(Authorization..pending)

(The video log is a bit blurry, but it adjusts to the bright display of the console and lights surrounding the Unit. Around the camera are literally mountains of paper, and multiple bio-gel canisters, some being open, some empty, and some with labels on them)

(The unit promptly clears his throat)
"I'd like to start this off with a reminder to anyone with regards to my Authorization on this kind of thing, it is not permitted unless given instruction and or permission from a high-ranking official. Now, shall we get started?"
(The camera shifts to the console, then to the screen, what appears to be a blueprint of a scanner is visible)

"Although I am still knee-deep in medical tests I designed myself, one of the units I was supposed to practice with was unable to aid me in furthering my medical knowledge. So I went to work, and thought up of a little something. The very idea of running out of medical supplies, or tools, while in battle is a horrible thought. So I examined one of the scanner designs, with help from a Unit in the Gear division of course, and made some modifications." (Medical gibberish is exhaled from his mouth, if you don't know anything about Bio-medical science or Surgery, you can't understand a word he's saying) "Now, after a key storage components were added, the scanner looks like it is gyroscopically stable.""Now that we know it can fly, I simply weighed out the individual fuel canisters that the scanner would need. If you have measured Combine fuel, you can understand how long it took me. (The unit lets out a short outburst of laughter, then straightens his posture and focuses the camera towards the front of the scanner) "This the basic control section, complete with all the wiring and, tech. Very boring, but necessary. Anyways, if you have any questions...Open up the blueprint. I secured the file with a passcode, just my first 3 digits of my ID. Now, lets go see if we have any medical units willing to train me a bit..(The unit promptly walks behind the camera, and shuts it off)

// File:Blueprint:Medical scanner (44343); is now ready for view. //File:Scanner;project;blueprint;passcode..required
// System:request: Authenticate?


If you're an OfC or higher you can ICly Auth the creation of my medical scanner Very Happy

ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED, And correct my Combine code, I'm not too great with all the // System:functioning;Combine..stuff.
I love you all so much.


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