Shadow's Tattered and Ash Covered Journal

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Shadow's Tattered and Ash Covered Journal Empty Shadow's Tattered and Ash Covered Journal

Post  Shadow on Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:58 am

*The date is covered by soot, blood and ash*

First day of the attack, and the power.. it's already out.. I've been fighting for my life. I don't know how much I can last. I'm going out again to try and attack one of the enemy's depots.

Day six of the attack:

The resistance force of New New York has been established. We're fighting back. We're no longer scared. We may have lost the Seven Hour War, but we can take back our damned planet even if it costs all of our lives. The depot destruction on day one was just a foothold, now that event has turned into a major win for us. We're going out now, for recon of Sector 6 of the city. It used to be Wall Street but now it's the main New New York base for the.. Combine.

Day ten of the attack:

We're finally back from recon. We lost our previous leader, and I've stepped up to take his place. Although during recon we discovered a weakness in their base. Once we get up enough supplies we'll attack. We also discovered a network of lesser rebel armies and smaller rebel bases. We're going to strike at the heart. We're going to win, or die trying.

Day twenty of the attack:

We were raided by the Combine, me and the remaining rebels were running for ten days straight. We're closer to Sector 6 now, currently in Sector 5. We're residing in Arion's rebel base. He's proved to be a very good leader. Me and Arion are sharing supplies and various other things right now, and it's currently a very good setup.

Day twenty-one of the attack:

It's decided. We're going to attack tomorrow. This is it. Me, Arion and various other rebel leaders have rounded up our men and supplies. We'll attack the weakness and take back New New York, which will open up more opportunities for freedom. If I don't survive, and this book is found.. I've included my plans.

*A separate page is inside the book, showing Shadow's plans for rebellion including the floor plan and weak points of the Combine's NNY base.*

Day twenty-two of the attack:

We're in the middle of the attack right now, and we've managed to get inside with minimal casualties. The only problems are the reinforcements coming at the front.. but the mounted guns are very useful for taking them out. If we get overrun we can just use the mounted guns and weapons inside this mass building.

Day one of freedom:

We did it. We took over Wall Street. We did it. We run New New York now! We've won! I can't believe, I really can't. Me, Arion and the other leaders are already celebrating. We've had minimal deaths and still have large amount of supplies. I'm going to round up all the rebels here. It's time to free everyone here and let them live the lives we all deserve.

Day five of freedom: All of us are doing well, living free. Barely any reinforcements have come in and the entrances and exits are monitored closely. We've also shut off access to the Combine's radio stations so they can't call for help. The Combine are feeling our boots oppressing them now. They finally know what it's like to be us.

Day thirteen of freedom: I've decided. I'm leaving New New York to help rebels and citizens elsewhere. It's time to liberate and free all the cities. One through.. I don't even know. But even if it takes all my life we will be free. All of us. I'm on a train to City 17 now. A prominent rebel location I hear. This may be the ending of my story for now, but it's just the beginning of what I need to do. I WILL do this. I HAVE to do this.

*The rest of the pages are blank, except one of the pages which only slightly suggests finding the "various scattered journals."*


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