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Physical Description Guide.  Empty Physical Description Guide.

Post  mhofnagel on Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:55 am

Read until the very end!

(A) = Not necessary, but good.
(A) = Not needed at all. But you can put it.
(A) = Obligatory.
(A) = Depends on if it fits you.

When creating a new character, other than your undertanding of your character's past, or your name, the physical description is EXTREMELY important not only to make useful, but to make it correctly.

A physical description of your character has nothing to do with his/her demeanor, past, likes, dislikes, attitudes, or subjective reasoning. Think of it like this: Swaggot breaks into your house and punches you in the dick, takes out your garbage, and impregnates your dog. After you call the cops, they would come over to your house and ask for a physical description of the perpetrator. You wouldn't say that he was a nice guy or that he loves pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, you would say that he was about 5' 0", about 127 pounds, black hair, blue eyes, and had a scar on his right cheek. The MPF, and more importantly, The Combine don't care about who you are as a person, they care about what you look like so that if you break the law, they can put out a notice for you to be hunted down.

So, in review:


- Height
- Weight
- Color of hair, eyes, skin

- Skin color
- Any scars or permanent damage
- Anything notable about the character's uniform such as special badges, dirty (possibly of what), armbands, or damage to said uniform.
- Facial hair
- Sex appeal
- Pitch of voice
- Walking style (Walking with swagger is an example)

- Possibly hair style

- Pretty much anything that wasn't in that list up to and including:
- Demeanors
- Likes, dislikes
- Any personal history
- Skills or knowledge
- Things about genitals
- Things about sex
- Racism

Thank you for your time <3

- Edited slightly by RustyRazor, Reason: Added some more organization, and defined the priority of the Good Desc elements.
RustyRazor - Very good, thanks for making this topic. Giving you reputation. Very Happy

Now, this is important.

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