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Post  mmoomaa on Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:43 pm

Steam Name: Mmoomaa
ID: STEAM_0:0:26005403
In-Game Main Character Name: Lani Russo
In-Game Desired Vortigaunt name: El'ban Zort'veen (Jane)
How long have you played on the server?: 6 days.
Character Backstory: (Minimum Two Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):

El'ban was a slave like many other Vortigaunts... She managed to escape black mesa with critical injuries along with many other Vortigaunts, and judging by her age she is relatively lucky for not being too old to lead to death during black mesa. However escaping the black mesa incident was just the beginning to a new life ahead of her. After she has adjusted for a while off of living under various bridges in the ruined towns with a couple of other Vortigaunts she was leading, she noticed more and more danger coming all around the new world she was getting use to the stress... after a few months of living life as it was normally for vortigaunts on earth most of her pack members broke up which resulted in El'ban being alone for the time being, until an elderly woman took El'ban into her house on the countryside to care for her and love her... The elderly woman taught El'ban English and eventually El'ban could communicate with the woman so much more clearly than before. But all good things must come to an end when the elderly woman died in the arms of El'ban one night when she became sick with leukemia. After that El'ban had to leave after giving the woman a proper burial along side her little home... El'ban of course didn't know what to do, and she didn't think it would have to come to the situation she was fearing but she had to go somewhere where people could keep her in alright health, she left to city 14 then was transferred to city 8, 12 and then finally 18. she was quickly ordered to clean, work, and do anything the Combine asked her too, and she followed the orders without any fuss. She had trouble working at first but caught on quickly, which made her a good cleaner when she was soon transferred to city 18. She often enjoyed seeing the civilians cause they shared a resemblance with her slavery in the city, yet she knew if she wasted too much time talking to them or communicating she would be punished, although she does love to be social which is a shame since she doesn't speak much due to the constant working and fear of all the officers. And now El'ban is well adjusted to the life of city 18 and is now comfortable living her life as a different being in a world full of cruelty, beatings, and order.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game:

/me picks up the discarded paper and throws it in the trash can then trying to observe what other trash is around.
/me looks at the dangle of her shackles dreaming of music while scrubbing the dirty sign...
/me feels some water dripping on her flesh and looks into the street trying to take in the depressing scene of city 18 civilians watching her...
/me moves her head in a slight twitching position after seeing the combine beating a man to death with their stun stick.
*points the stun stick at the vortigaunt in a way like 'get back to work!'*
/me begins to move into apartment 45 to scrub the graffiti off the walls seeing a young man...
*teases the vortigaunt pushing her brush down to the floor*
/me picks up the brush and ignores the rude young man...
/me wanders over to the wall and begins cleaning as hard as she can...
*walks over to the vorti, beginning to observe her*
/me turns around looking at the woman smiling at her then turns around to more thoroughly clean the wall...
/me turns back to exit the door seeing the young man embarrassing her yet again yet her mind is stable enough to just ignore and not cause trouble...
*tries tripping the vorti...*
/me falls down from the young man while looking up to see a combine right in front of her face bringing her elsewhere.
*shoves the vortigaunt into the nexus to get new cleaning supplies*
/me gathers the equipment into her hands and walks out to the plaza to begin street cleaning...
Example of speech you would use in-game:

What caan we aassisst with..?
How caan we help?
Alaja boom, aghlar...(Flux shift)
We did not human, do not you worry.
Galagon baj thzzt chah. (Flux shift)
We aare no trouble...
Do not worry, we will cleaan thiss...
What iss wrong, iss ssomething a maatter?
Do not dissturb for we will haandle...
Szzt, Glag( Flux shift)
The Humaan diid not miind... He waas iignoriing...
Iim... sorry... iit wiil not haappen aagaiin siir!
Do not fret... we will clean thiis...

Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?: Well, I find them interesting and I would also hope other would too, I think it would be a perfect change from being a civilian and begin being a Vortigaunt, and I like to be odd, strange things, especially things that have a dark history! If I would be accepted I would not ever abuse being a Vortigaunt for pretty obvious reasons, Vortigaunts are a smart, talented, and enslaved by a group of people. It would be pretty nice to roleplay actions more as well as just being a civilian who doesnt need to clean often or do too much work of anything. So if your ready I am ready!

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: I completely understand all what is expected of me, what is supposed to happen, and what the rules are. cyclops
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DENIED, Technically only one paragraph. Sorry. You can fix it up, and re-post.

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