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CWU Work Orders Empty CWU Work Orders

Post  Fox McCloud on Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:28 pm

I would like to suggest that after a CWU worker such as a repairman or an engineer finishes a work order, they actualy fillout a work order form and either post it to the device they worked on, or hand it to whomever requested the order; whichever is more logical.

Here is a template for a work order:

===CWU Work Order===
Requester: Name of person who requested your work
Responder: Your IC name
Position: Your job and level in the CWU

Work Requested: What they asked you to do
Location: Where it is that they asked you to work on

Worker's Analysis: What your view of the situation was (Eg. If fixing something, what was wrong)
Work Preformed:What you did or what you did to fix the problem

Work Status: Did you finish the job and was it sucessful?
Follow-Up?: Does someone else need to come and finish up?


And here is an example of one filled out:

===CWU Work Order===
Requester: MPF Department, 01 Unit
Responder: Wolfram McCloud
Position: Head Engineer

Work Requested: Install locks on Nexus front doors.
Location: Nexus, front doors

Worker's Analysis: Doors and new locks preform smoothly
Work Preformed: Installed 2 locks, one on each door of the front airlock

Work Status: Job Completed (Sucessful)
Follow-Up?: None needed


I believe that this adds more to the IC RP of the Repairman and Engineer positions for the CWU and gives us something to actualy do when were working on something.
Fox McCloud
Fox McCloud
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CWU Work Orders Empty Re: CWU Work Orders

Post  RustyRazor on Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:56 am

When i used to be the CWU Leader, the CWU was just like this.

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