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//Chillz :> Vortigaunt application

Post  Chillz on Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:44 am

Steam Name And ID: (CG)Chillz ID: STEAM_0:0:34278791

In-Game Main Character Name: Zun'Oli'Kun

How long have you played on the server?: 1-2 days

Character Backstory: (Minimum Three Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):When Zun was a child he was interested in many things. He loved to build traps or build fortresses, he enjoyed the songs the elders made about their previous lives. Zun proceded in the vortessence language as he grew. As the population was growing in their homeland, so was Zun, he was planned on being up with the other elders due to his wisdom and his ability to learn quickly.

When the vortigaunt was in his 140's is when the combine invaded their homeland. They all were moved to the planet called Xen, where the black mesa incident occurred. . He was one of many that survived, him and the others saw their chance to escape the combines grasp and head toward the world called Earth. He and the others did not know that later on the 7 hour war will begin in earth, it was about the time he hit the age of 145.

His main ally or friend did survive and did escape to earth with them, as in the 7 hour war, as did his leader Nihilanth. Nihilanth died later on, leaving the vortigaunts in rage at the combine. They all wanted to help the rebels fight against the combine in any way, shape or form. Most followed the human race at that point, helping many rebels under hiding. As in Zun'Oli'Bon he helped as well, trying to stop and save the only planet they can rely on. Only then, some of the vortigaunts were moving around, went to many other rebel hideouts helping in any way they could.

Zun now is enslaved in C8, working for the combine as a hard working slave. He makes no money, as much as he wants to leave he knows the risks of trying to escape. Zun will do what ever he can to escape the combines grasp once again. So far his build looks very weak due to the less amount of food given, he has some scratches on his arms and legs, he looks tired mostly all the time. Very smart and remembers most of his life, he cannot speak great english. He loves to build and is pretty good at designing and architecture.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game: (minimum Cool:

Zun'Oli'Bon is right now being sent to go wash some windows inside the city 8, as he is led by an 04 and a 03, as two hidden rebel citizens come up from behind the CP's, both are holding large pipes.
"You, CP hold it right there!" Said the man to the left right behind the 04.
The CP quickly turns around, being hit in the head with the pipe.
The other CP turns while he already has the stun stick out.
"You, don't make any sudden moves." said the man on the right.
As the CP starts to talk, Zun comes from behind yelling and slashing with his claws at the combine officer.
"Raaaaaaaaahhg!" says Zun, successfully hitting the CP in the shoulder area, removing the radio from it.
Then the two rebel citizens, beat down the 03, knocking him out.
"We are here to help you" Says the man on the left
"I am in great tha-tha-thanks" Says Zun
"No problem, its best if we leave this area" Says man on the right
"Agreed, I know a place that I overheard many time" Says Zun
"Where would that be?" Says man on the left, nervous as he might know the correct rout
"Through the train station, near the rails." says Zun
One of the combine officers are heard getting up.
"We should move, quickly" Says Zun, as he quickly moves toward the trainstation
Both of the rebels follow him, into the trainstation.

Inside the underground trainstation.
"We need some light in here" Says male on the left
"Correct we would end in circles without light down here" Says zun, searching around trying to find the correct way.
Male two finally gets a flashlight from bag, flashing it around the area.
"Good, good" says Zun, finding the correct rout
"The combine would believe that we went through D2, since its the closest hardpoint near by" Says male on the right.
"Correct, they should be searching that area know, giving us enough time to get to D6" Says male to the left.
As they keep talking, Zun stops in place, seeing more flashlights as he turns around.
"No time for talking, we must keep moving, faster" Says Zun.
They hurry along the tracks following them further and further, until they finally reach the end of the train station leading into D6.
"We arri-arrived, fin-al, finally" Says Zun
Lets hurry along, they are getting closer" Says male to the left
They hurry up the walkway, leading to loud voices being heard.
"Shh, qu-it-ee, listen" Says Zun
"What is it?" says male on the right, stoping in his spot.
Zun suddenly moves closer, indicating that they should stay where they are at.
Muffling is heard very softly from the people talking in the background.
"Corre-.. We must find-..Or we are in deep trou-.." says an unknown voice.
Zun walks back, speaking quietly.
"Com-bi-ne, out-sid, they go-gott here be-..before us" says Zun
Both of the males nod not speaking one word.
Zun peeks from the corner of the wall, to see a better view of the talking.
"Alright, time to head back to the HAP, citizen says he has information about the vort" Says one of the officers
The other one nods, walking along back down the street.
Zun indicates to move up.

They get inside the appartments, feeling in slight saftey
"I am sti-ll in your de-debt, humans" Says Zun
"Please, its our pleasure" Says male on the right
"If you ned-need any help, find me I will do what I can" Says Zun
Both of the rebels leave the apartments, after they made sure there were no more combine on there way.
Zun, successfully got a room, living in it until he was soon stopped looking for from the combine.

Example of speech you would use in-game: (minimum 6):
"Zun remembers what happened, forgiveness is dismissed."
"Zun understands the great power within himself, he uses it wisely for now on"
"Ah, finally some intelectual humans!"
"What is this!? Zun does not want to be treated like an animal!"
"Raaahg! This oder!? What is it from humans!?"
/me Zun quickly reacts to the punch, attempting to dodge it and make a counter move by slashing a claw toward the citizen."
"Zun needs sleep, it's been to long since he had any."
"What is this!? Zun cannot live through these hard times.."
/me Closes eyes for a few seconds, as he opens them they are bright red with rage.
"Humans! I would not consider doing that if I were you!"
"Good luck friend, you would need all of your strength for this battle"
"Zun senses danger ahead friend, I would persome you do not enter!"

Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?:
I would like a vortigaunt character because it seems like a fun thing to play as in HL2RP. I would like to get a vortigaunt because it seems it will increase my roleplaying to a new level. I think its a nice way of RP and improves greatly time over time. I want to have a different experience instead of playing just a human or a combine character. I think the vortagaunts will extend my roleplay experience, instead of the same everyday. I plan on interacting with the citizens/vortigaunts/combine that are around me. I plan on showing what it would be like as a vortigaunt and how it is possible to escape as one. I hope that each player sees how exciting it would be to become a vort and hopefully apply like others. As a vort I plan on showing the citizens what a life is as a vort, as they would either feel sorry for him or feel scared.
Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: Yes I understand.


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Re: //Chillz :> Vortigaunt application

Post  Moona on Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:49 am

Horrible I'm going to have to Accept you again.

Well done.

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Re: //Chillz :> Vortigaunt application

Post  Burningfox6 on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:46 pm

Mystic, you're only allowed to accept MPF apps, but, this is good, ACCEPTED, in no color, because I'm lazy.

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Re: //Chillz :> Vortigaunt application

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