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Post  mhofnagel on Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:35 pm

(Once again, if anything here is wrong, feel free to fix it)

Fear RP is, by definition; Imitating fear to enhance the roleplay experience / Make the interactions more believable.

Fear RP is sometimes an easily ignored or forgotten game mechanic, but that doesn't mean its not required. Remember, you are playing this character, act how you think a normal person would act in that situation. The 'Food Chain of Fear' is as follows:

- CA
- OTA units / SeC
- DvL
- EpU / Ofc
- 01
- 02 / 03
- 04 / 05 / Rebels
- CWU / Loyalist
- RCT / Citizen
- Vortigaunts
- Mentally Unfit

This list is just a guideline, and nothing is set in stone, for instance, a confidant 03 would be only slightly nervous addressing an 01, but almost EVERYONE shits themselves when they see OTA, so, let me move on to nuances of all ranks / classes.

OTA's are essentially Bionic Commandos, they would rather snap your neck than talk to you, and if they sense any threat, no matter how miniscule, they will kill you, no questions asked. Treat them with the utmost respect and fear.

SeC's exist to keep the order within the ranks of the MPF. They are the be all end all of decision making, and you treat them with respect and admiration as a CP, and absolute destitution as a citizen. As a CP, you look to the SeC for guidance and leadership, you respect their power, but understand that you may approach them with pressing matters.

DvL's command a division, they are your de-facto team captain. You follow the orders of the DvL's but you approach YOUR DvL with issues related to your division.

EpU are the Special Ops section of the CP. They're kinda like SWAT. You respect their ability, and if they tell you to do something, do it; its important.

Ofc are kin of like the welcome mat for the RCT's, you obey their orders, becuase they know what they're talking about.

01's are the highest rank of normal CP's, fear them if at low ranks or a civvie, do what they tell you.

02-04 Usually standard CP ranks. General rules apply.

05-RCT These are just Citizens in uniform. You should be nervous around them, but don't overdo it.

Rebels are citizens that have the heart and courage to fight back, be afraid of them for two reasons: 1. They hate loyalists 2. They're crazy enough to defy the combine

CWU / Loyalists are sort of like protectorates of the CP. They usually don't like normal civvies, and they despise Anti-Citizens. Fear RP around them if you're breaking the law.

Citizens are never feared, except by other citizens. A crowd of citizens could potentially be dangerous to a CP unit however.

Vortigaunts are the slaves of society, they are either sympathized with, hated, or feared because of their powers.

There you go, again if I missed anything, feel free to add to it <3

And always remember; "The hungry rabbit jumps."

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