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Post  Chillz on Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:37 pm

Steam Name And ID:(CG)Chillz

In-Game Character Name (This will be your BMD): Luke 'Frost' Morra

How long have you played on the server (One week minimum)?: 1-2 days

Reason for becoming a BMD: My character, Luke, is mainly a large drug addict and alcohol addict. He right now is known by many people for selling illegal items, he found, to them. He tries not to be seen nor heard of. He knows many people around the city and would most likely know a dealer. He plans on changing how this 'protection' is. He looks to be using this ability to gain access to blackmarket goods by selling them to citizens who he thinks will use them wisely.

Character Backstory (Light BMD) (4 Paragraphs) (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph): Luke Morra grew up near the ghetto parts of New York City. His parents put him up for adoption when he was at the age of 6. He stayed at the orfanige until he reached the age of 15.He was a writer and biographer for a known newspaper company until he was 19 years old.

The seven hour war began quickly for Luke, he as with everyone else did not expect it. Luke had a hard life as he grew up, he stated that he will not suffer a harder life like this one. He did resist, with his desire to help out the resistance cause. He resisted his best, only to gain nothing but torture. He became smarter, starting in city45, he new what the combine were capable of and was not going to screw his life over by not changing anything.

As the city began crumbling, Luke became insolated, he began writing again, not ever going outside to see those 'protection'. He studied, illegal gained books, he watched and copied down each patrol times and who/what/when/where someone was detained. He gave many tests sending out citizens for himself, for a small pay. He logged everything, he was so compacted into his studies he really was going crazy. Soon he left, requested a transfer to another city, he wanted this because the city was gaining trust in him, yet he wanted not to be known.

Luke moved to City8, keeping all of his 'studies' within his mind, he began inventing inventions he made blueprints for in the past cities, he became known, to who he wants to be known to. Luke learned many combat moves and techniques from him observing the past MPF units from his other cities. Luke began to get exited, he wanted to make a change and new the city was perfect for it. He had plans, techniques, skills and many others to help.

Before Luke could give any imitation that of what he was about to begin in the city, it crumbled. The city was put against the natural causes. An earthquake began rumbling through the city. The MPF's were forced to evacuate the city and move to a new location. Luke, was now sent to city18, as he is now saving his abilities for a correct moment to use them. He goes by a code name for now, making sure that no 'protection' could get any eyes on him.

Luke will now stay into hiding, keeping watch over this city. He decided he will begin his life as a dealer, giving the citizens minor black-market good until he finds the right time to complete his actions. Luke now goes by 'Frost', starting a new and hard life ahead of himself. giving items away.

Character Backstory (Heavy BMD) (8 Paragraphs) (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):

Luke now lives in C18, living a hard and painful life. He has witnessed many deaths and many tortures. Frost, was never arrested nor seen by any MPF unit. He has been through many sweeps in the slum areas, making sure not to be seen. He knows when and where to hide. He might have weapons now but he is not foolish enough to go against a well known army.

Frost will stay hidden, making friends and keep his work going. He never stays in a location, he keeps moving to not be seen nor heard of. He sells heavy black market items now, living with great gratitude. He makes a sure profit from this business and plans on making more over time. He does not give these items to any 'unknown' citizen.

He makes sure to keep the idiots away from his 'known' heavy market dealing. He tries to get to know his customers from selling light black market items to them. If they seem trust worthy, he begins gaining trust to them and sells them a higher value item. Frost shows his gratitude to each citizen willing to fight for a cause. He does not use his items for the risk of humanity, he finds "it not worth an extra bullet to fight against one of your own", "Yet, to fight for self discipline and for this correct cause would be worth every bullet in the world".

Where do you get your goods?:
Luke gets his goods from a small trading company in the outskirts of the outlands. Since their is a way to a certain location near the city, Luke and the messenger/deliverer meet there, handing off the items and supplies for a small amount of money. The supplier gained trust into 'Frost' letting him have what ever he needs for a lower price than usual.

Who do you sell to and why?: Luke sells only to the ones he trusts in. He says he always needs to know the citizen for at least 1-2 days before he may give any high standard items to them. He makes sure not to give items to idiots or people who would be suspected as crazy. So mainly he only gives/sells to his friends for now.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your flags, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: Yes I fully understand.


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Post  Burningfox6 on Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:41 pm

Alright, what da' fuq'? I ACCEPT it for MBMD, which is Medium, which, I have to make, but, I can't make it Heavy, for the Server is being changed, like, we're added new weapons, and making it so HBMD can't buy MPF weapons.

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