A few ideas.

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A few ideas. Empty A few ideas.

Post  Matkovic on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:55 pm

First, the Weather Mod which is an addon/mod you can use to create - rain, lightning and thunder.

Second, the Airwatch Ship which is an addon you can add to a server where you can fly an airwatch ship and send down those bombs you can face during HL2.

Third, the Helicopter which is like the Airwatch Ship but you fly a helicopter and you have a minigun.

A few more items you can effect your strenght such as (steroids), alcohol, andrenaline shots that effects your stamina and also gives you a small amount of health.

Maybe PAC could be enabled under certain circumstances, i don't know how many meele weapons there are. But maybe add a few more? CSS on the server too? Such as furtinture and what-not.

These are just simple ideas, please come up with more Very Happy

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A few ideas. Empty Re: A few ideas.

Post  RustyRazor on Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:16 pm

There are quite a lot of melee weapons.

However, PAC will not enabled.

And, I have the code for Adrenaline Shots Ready, Plus, Weather mod is quite buggy.

Sooooo I won't add it.

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