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Pages flutter by in your head, of the first story. Until the last page. The last page was an odd one, nuzzled in the middle of blank pages. It told you to hunt, so you did.

(Eventually, all the journals will be found and this page complete.)

-[ A bloodstained journal, with a large cut through the cover's leather front cover ]-

Year: 2015 (Day 63)

It's been a year since we won.. and I still miss my friends. We still communicate, by radio. Sometimes they even smuggle themselves in temporarily. It's always great meeting them, especially when you're trapped in oppressive cities like this one. I've transferred to City 23, where it's impossible to do anything without the Combine breathing down your neck. Although me and a group of rebels have found a way, we meet in the city canals in a bunker-like building. It's been working out great. Although I feel it isn't going to last.

(Day 64)

Today, we looking through the canals and found broken weapons and parts. We put them back together and got ourselves working SMGs and two shotguns. At this point we're mobilizing to the main rebel base located in the heart of the canals, and in doing so we'll be able to support the Uprising progress more. I just hope we can make it. We're stocking up now and preparing transport across the sludge that covers the canal tunnels. We also want to attack a Combine transport route for supplies and to weaken their defenses.

(Day 64, sun down)
-------------- ----- ----
------------been attack-- ambu---- we wont make it ----- past the
------------ point at this point. ------ Oh God, there's --lood everywhere..

(Had to remove blood effect, looked bad.)

(Day 65)

Some of us managed to escape, and get to the rebel base. There's only four of us now, and I've been made the leader of our small group. It was Hell trying to cross the canals after the ambush.. but we made it. Albeit almost dying. After receiving medical attention we were assigned a mission to help support the Uprising. Our job is to steal Combine APCs, destroy power lines and close down Combine gates. The main area is a medium sized base in the country that connect a lot of power to major things inside the city.

[More coming soon!]


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