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Deaths app

Post  death433 on Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:11 pm

Question ONE: Please state your position on our server, citizen, CWU, MPF or OTHER (specify):Blade-DvL

Question TWO: Please state how long you have played on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2RP Server.a month or 2

Question THREE: Please state three reasons why you believe you should be an admin on our server. Then state what is different about you from other applicants.: I believe I can be a good administrator, I believe I can be patient with teaching new people, I believe I can solve issues fairly.

Question FOUR: Do you have past administrative experience? (yes, no):Yes
If yes, are you still an admin? (yes,no):No
If you are no longer an admin, why are you no longer in that position? (explain):I Quit the community

Question FIVE: Please state why you have chosen to apply for ADMIN on Tactical Surge Gaming: I was told I could be a good admin by ModernGaming, also because I see minges around the server alot and I'd like to stop them.

Question SIX: If you were in a situation where you were faced by two punchwhores randomly killing citizens, what would be your approach?:Explain to them how they are wrong, and warn them

Question SEVEN: What are your desires for our server? Where do you wish the server to be in a few months time?: I'd like to see this server with a playerbase of people who can RP, and if not, are willing to learn how to

Question EIGHT: How long have you been playing Half Life 2 Roleplay?:I started to take it seriously in 2010

Question NINE: How old are you?:15

Question TEN: What is your time zone? (e.g. Pacific Standard Time, MST):Pacific

Question ELEVEN: What do you think makes a good admin?: Patience,Understanding, being neutral

Question TWELVE: If you were an admin for Tactical Surge Gaming, would you follow the guidelines and server rules, as well as represent the TSG Community, in a professional manner?:Yes


Please copy this format into your post and apply accordingly.

Thank you for taking interest in becoming an Admin on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2:RP server.


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Re: Deaths app

Post  Mike - CO on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:16 pm

Your application is very short and lacks detail, for this reason it is being declined. Please feel free to apply when applications are next open.

Mike - CO

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