Harreh`s Admin Application

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Harreh`s Admin Application

Post  Harreh on Mon Apr 09, 2012 7:34 pm

Harreh`s Admin Application

Question ONE: Please state your position on our server, citizen, CWU, MPF or OTHER (specify).

- Citizen : Harry 'Apollo' Parskoski.
- MPF : MPF-STORM-RAIN-01.92513.
- Overwatch: UU.C18.APEX-ECHO.OWS-36082.
- City Scanner: UU.C18.SCN.69963.

Question TWO: Please state how long you have played on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2RP Server.

Around 01/03/2012.

Question THREE: Please state three reasons why you believe you should be an admin on our server. Then state what is different about you from other applicants.

In the current server state the amount of minges and inexperienced players is at a high. I would like to teach the new players so the playerbase of Tactical Surge Gaming can evolve into a even better roleplaying community. I also think I could fill the space that the former Admins left, as I believe some did not do as well as they could, or should. I am often on the sever, as I have a passion for the community, and I am always on Ventrilo while active on or off the server.

Question FOUR: Do you have past administrative experience? Yes.
If yes, are you still an admin? No.
If you are no longer an admin, why are you no longer in that position?

The Minecraft server that I was a part of died when Minecraft updated. Since then i've been hopping across multiple servers across multiple games, but I never found a community quite as active and involved as TSG.

Question FIVE: Please state why you have chosen to apply for ADMIN on Tactical Surge Gaming.

Because I wish for the server playerbase to grow, into a playerbase that knows how to RP, and RP well. Without interruptions of minges, or trolls.

Question SIX: If you were in a situation where you were faced by two punchwhores randomly killing citizens, what would be your approach?

I would freeze the two punchwhores, and respawn the dead citizens. Then proceed to take the two punchwhores to 'RP School' and wait for them to be taught, or teach them myself. And if they continue to minge it will be a kick, then a tempban, then a ban.

Question SEVEN: What are your desires for our server? Where do you wish the server to be in a few months time?

A server that is well respected in the community for having a mature, but fun server. With great RP and great Admins, that know how to do their job.

Question EIGHT: How long have you been playing Half Life 2 Roleplay?

Since I joined the server, but have been into RP since 2008.

Question NINE: How old are you?

I was born 13/06/1997.

Question TEN: What is your time zone? (e.g. Pacific Standard Time, MST)

UTC London.

Question ELEVEN: What do you think makes a good admin?

Perseverance. Ability to control and deal with a problem quickly and efficiently. Aswell as the aptitude to sacrifice your own time for the benefit of someone who needs help.

Question TWELVE: If you were an admin for Tactical Surge Gaming, would you follow the guidelines and server rules, as well as represent the TSG Community, in a professional manner?

Yes, as a admin I know that my actions will represent the server, aswell as the community.

Thank you for reading
- Harreh`

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Re: Harreh`s Admin Application

Post  Derpy McFuckles on Tue Apr 10, 2012 10:24 am

Bloody Awesome! i like it!
Because you're awesome!
Derpy McFuckles

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