Sagittarius's admin application

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Sagittarius's admin application

Post  |SDoS| Sagittarius on Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:36 pm

Question ONE: Please state your position on our server, citizen, CWU, MPF or OTHER (specify).

A) I am currently a citizen in your server.

Question TWO: Please state how long you have played on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2RP Server.

A) I have been playing on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2Rp server for over a week.

Question THREE: Please state three reasons why you believe you should be an admin on our server. Then state what is different about you from other applicants.

A) I believe that I should become an admin on your server because I feel that I can handle the responsibility of making sure your server is safe and clean from all minges that may interupt one's roleplay.
I also believe that I should become an admin on your server because I do see many players failing to roleplay properly, it is hard for we users to teach newcomers because they tend to just run away. So, using my admin commands, I would freeze the player then explain to him why he was frozen and begin to teach him (I would unfreeze if he claims he will stop)
My final reason why I should become admin is because, i tend to check the logs many times. In the many other servers i used to administrate, I would always see a user use a zip tie without a /me or even a /roll, so, I will ban the user's character and have him rejoin, with an official warning not do do that again.
I believe I am different then other applicants because I tend to point out what a player is doing wrong. I believe that it is out job, as admins, to point out what our players are doing wrong and then give them a official warning or to punish the player if he/she already recieved a warning.

Question FOUR: Do you have past administrative experience? (yes, no)
If yes, are you still an admin? (yes,no)
If you are no longer an admin, why are you no longer in that position? (explain)

A)Yes, I have been administrating servers for the past four months. I currently have only one admin position in a possibly dead server. I have lost my other position because the owners seem unfit to manage their server maturely (This has happened only recently).

Question FIVE: Please state why you have chosen to apply for ADMIN on Tactical Surge Gaming.

A) I have chosen to apply for admin on Tactical Surge Gaming because I feel that many players are dealing with minges, especially when the admins are not available. So, as a result, I decided to apply for Admin to help reolve this issue.

Question SIX: If you were in a situation where you were faced by two punchwhores randomly killing citizens, what would be your approach?

A) I would first freeze both punchwhores and warn them not tto punchwhore again, if I find the players punchwhoring again, I will freeze them both again and tell them that they are being kicked for punchwhoring. If they continue, I will temporary ban them for a maximum of four hours depending on how much they punchwhored.

Question SEVEN: What are your desires for our server? Where do you wish the server to be in a few months time?

A) I wish for our server to become the top most minge-free and serious half life two roleplay server.

Question EIGHT: How long have you been playing Half Life 2 Roleplay?

A) I have been playing Half-life two Roleplay for more than six months.

Question NINE: How old are you?

A)I am currently fifteen.

Question TEN: What is your time zone? (e.g. Pacific Standard Time, MST)

A) My time zone is Pacific Standard time.

Question ELEVEN: What do you think makes a good admin?

A) I believe my attention to players makes me a good admin.I do focus my full attention on players who need admin help, I also believe that my serious behavior towards griefers/minges also makes me a good admin ( Example: Warning them before actually kicking them)

Question TWELVE: If you were an admin for Tactical Surge Gaming, would you follow the guidelines and server rules, as well as represent the TSG Community, in a professional manner?

A) Yes, if I was an admin for Tactical Surge Gaming, I would follow the guidelines and server rules, a well as represent the TSG community in a professional manner.
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