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Post  Piekiller on Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:53 pm

A#1:My position on your server, I have a civilian named Samantha Troyan I believe at the moment that's all.

A#2:I have not played on the server long, perhaps two, to three days. I have how ever known the owner a long while, and many of the players on the server.

A#3:Three reasons I believe I should be an admin: 1. I have lots of experience I've CO-owned two servers before.. and I've never been banned from a server or kicked out of admin, I'd be willing to give reference, and I hope I don't seem to be gloating. 2. I'm ussually nice, and I tend to teach new players(ex:Punchwhores) Cause after a while I find most of them can fit in to the community well with a good teaching. 3. I just like taking the administrator roll and helping... It pains me to see how improvment could be made or added in some areas.. and I can't help.

A#4:I have past administrator experience.
I'm currently not a admin anywhere else, I only like to be admin at one server at a time, I like to commit to my communities.
I'm not a admin currently because the servers I have been admin on disappated.

A#5:I chose to apply for a admining ticket because I feel like I could do good for your server. And a freind told me I should apply. I can provide further details if nessecary.

A#6:If I was faced with two punchwhores... I'd contain them in an area of the map, and try to teach them.. if there cooperation wasn't good, or other I'd kick them then if they came back and still didnt want to learn... a ban.
But I perfer to teach it helps player bases. I find players stick with the server they were taught on.

A#7:MY desires for the server. To be the best server out there if possible, hopefully to grow it's playerbase.. and if possible put up more servers.

A#8:I've been HL2RP for about two years I believe.

A#9:I'm 15, almost 16.

A#10:My time zone is easter standard time.

A#11:A good admin takes a certain type of character.. not anyone can be one I'm afraid some people are just better suited for it. and practice makes perfect... but as long as you follow the rules and don't abuse... you probobly wouldn't be horrible for the job... but it's always good to have the best you can have.

A#12:Yes I would to the best of my abilities.


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Post  L.Lawliet on Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:30 pm

I know pie is a great RPer since I first met her she would be a great admin.
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