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Post  AxlRose on Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:13 pm

This guide is to tell you on how to RP as a citizen:

Citizens are the survivors of the 7 hours war who have been captured and relocated to a city. They're treated unfairly and are seen as imperfect (hence the reason why combine despise them), although some don't hate them as much.
The citizens role in HL2:RP is a class in a social structure seperated
from the rest. They're imperfect and barely fed and cared for where as the CWU (Civil Workers Union) are considered loyalists whose word can be trusted, and they get a few extra rations. As a citizen you're constantly fearing for your life (not fighting for it) as there's citizens who'll want to get you in trouble or some combine who don't really like citizens. So to sum things up as a citizen
they have these traits: Imense fear, starved in some way, can't choose for themselves and are abused.
(remember, you've been abused, so act like a person who has been abused)

Citizen Classifications:

Normal Citizen
Advantages: When acting as a normal citizen you have the benefit to stay neutral and
to not be in any real danger. You also move with a large flow of other players so
things aren't so isolated.

Disadvantages: When you're acting as this class things can seem a bit dull as you're
doing the same Roleplaying as any other citizen. While acting as a normal citizen you
will undoubtedly be pestered by the CCA as well not once but many times.

Loyal Citizen
Advantages: When acting as a loyal citizen the CCA will think highly of you and you'll
be treated with leniency unlike other citizens. You can also recieve occasional
rewards that most citizen won't get because of your status with the CCA.

Disadvantages: Other citizens won't think so highly of you simply because you get better treatment and not them as they may be jealous or have a disliking for loyalists. Being
a loyalist is almost as bad as joining the CCA and other citizens will show you that.

Advantages: When acting as an Anti-Citizen you can undermine the combine ever so slightly
that things may change ever so slightly. You can also give hope to other citizens that
resisting the combine is possible and that anyone can do it. It also can be enjoyable.

Disadvantages: When acting as an Anti-Citizen there's trouble around every corner. You will constantly be surrounded by loyalists, ratty citizens or the combine that can easily expose you (and punish you severely). Sometimes people don't be so kind to your kind.

Fear For The CCA(Combine Civil Authority:
Remeber you FEAR the combine, ranking 05-03 not so much, you still respect them, but when it comes to 02-Officer, your shitting yourself, and also DvL make you stutter, and the SeC, wow you don't even want to go near him, he makes you sweat and stutter, you can barely speak around him.

Passive Roleplay:
Ever on your own? nobody to roleplay with? passive roleplay can be fun, and helpful. here are some expamples:

Scenario: You're looking through the contents in your suit case.
Location: In the trainstation
Position: On a bench

/me begins to open the suit case
/me finds a few clothes and personal items
/me comes across a strange medalian
/me sees that his/her family initials is engraved in it
/me begins to remember the times they shared with each other
/me puts the medalian away knowing that's all over now
/it Suddenly the case's hatch falls done on his/her hands
/me grunts in pain
/me gets up, but doesn't catch the suit case in time
/it The posessions spill all over the ground...

Do's and don'ts!

Don't Run
Don't Disobey the Combine
Don't Shout
Don't Lie to the combine
Don't Have any Contraband
Do hand in any contraband
Do tell the combine of any anti-civil behavior in the area
Do Respect the Combine
Do Be Loyal to the combine
Do Hand in any contraband you find
Do Obey the Combine

Respect the Combine, don't mingerun, don't shout, do as your told, help the combine, and just roleplay fairly


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