MPF Application.

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MPF Application.

Post  Jaali Gates on Wed Apr 11, 2012 7:11 pm

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Back story:
John was always a how shall I put it, cruel guy. As a kid he was a tall child that always got the girls; this didn't disturb his real interest though; guns and killing. John got his first rifle and he adored it it was a 22 caliber weapon that he fired everyday in his backyard at cans and other junk. John's parents started to worry about him as every single day he would talk about guns with a strange smile on his face, this perturbed his mother and father so they got him a therapist. John grew up to be a gun salesman with a master's degree in mechanics and firearms.

Later in life the aliens from Xen invaded earth and the first thing John wanted to do was shoot them. He ran about the streets with a M1014 shooting the living crap out of those headhumpers. Soon the police caught up with him arresting him for shooting in the streets. The police told him about the MPF and how they were allowed to kill the aliens. As soon as John was out he jumped up onto the computer researching the MPF he saw them beat people with stun sticks and gun butts, this excited him.

He applied for the MPF on his computer after blocking his windows up from the alien infestation outside.

In-game scenario.

John: Citizen, up against the wall.
Citizen: Umm. sir. *citizen moves up against the wall*
John: *he finds contraband* What's this in your pocket?
Citizen: whispering: Oh god. Normal voice: Nothing sir.
John: *that creepy smile crawls across his face behing his mask* I don't think so.
*John beats the citizen until he is knocked out*
John: Your going to rot in detainment. *gives on last signature stamp to the citizen's face when no-one is looking.*
*John drags citizen into detainment and locks doors.*

Thanks for reading and please let me know if I missed something out or need to include names etc.
Hope you accept,
Jaali. Smile

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