Neil Dubrosvky's backstory.

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Neil Dubrosvky's backstory. Empty Neil Dubrosvky's backstory.

Post  Mutual on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:51 pm

This is before Neil was taken to City 18. Aka, your server.

A couple of years before the invasion, Neil got married, to his beautiful wife Emily. They lived for two years, happily, before the invasion. Then, it all happened. The invasion, the seven hour war. The city they once lived in was now renamed to City 8. They did not know what these numbers indicated, but they did not question it. They followed what the so called Combine and the Metro Police told them to do. They were loyalists. They looked for no trouble. For a whole year they were treated better than anyone else. Loyalist apartments, Extra rations.

As that year passed, suspicion grew among the citizens of City 8. Also among the Metro Police. Conspiracy of Anti-Citizen behavior. There were apartment raids on every block, every house and every shop. They searched the streets clean for any contraband or possible weaponry. Unfortunately, none was found. The citizens were never really told why they were being searched. Of course, they knew something happened. But what? Neil and his wife were also searched, but nothing was found, of course. Life returned to the usual.

An entire week passed and a large racket was heard coming from the sub urban area of the city. It got louder and louder. Neil and his family took little notice of it, until they heard a smash of glass. Their window. And a brick laying on the floor of their home. Neil looked outside with confusion and saw a riot of no more than twenty citizens, rebelling against the Metro police. Bins and benches were being thrown around on the streets below. Rocks and stones were being thrown in almost every window, just to damage everything. They were reckless. Neil signaled his wife to move further inside the house, so she would not get hit by anything flying in. She did what he said as he opened his front door and rushed downstairs to the front door of the apartment. He looked at the riot moving past his building. He could see they were throwing anything they could, but they had no weapons so no real harm could be done. Suddenly everyone crowded around one citizen. He held a bottle in his hand. The bottle had clear liquid in it. He raised his arm and shook the bottle in the air as all the citizens and rebels cheered like brutes.

Another citizen, running towards the crowd.
He shouts "I've got it! Ha hah!"
He held something in his hand and waved his arm around as he ran closer. He handed the item to the man with the bottle and he took a small rag from another citizen that had it ready for him. He started to stuff the rag into the bottle, with a small bit hanging out. He raised it once more and once more he shook it with everyone cheering and shouting like savages. He flicked the item the citizen brought and it created a spark and a flame appeared. A lighter. The rag set alight so fast the man didn't know what to do. His hands started to burn so he quickly threw it directly opposite of him. Towards the closest building and window. The bottle smashed through a window of the apartment block. Neil looked upwards the building and spotted it went right into his home.
"What the fuck is wrong with you!?" He shouted.

He swiftly turned around and ran to the staircase. As he ran up the stairs he could start to feel the heat of the fire that grew fast. He ran up two floors and reached his door. He grabbed the door handle and his muscles contracted. He burnt his hand and had a mark, he looked at it quickly and looked back at the door. He looked around for anything that can be used to batter it open. He noticed a fire extinguisher on the wall that could also be used to take out the flames. He shouted into the door...
"Don't worry! I will get this open"

He grabbed the fire extinguisher and banged on the the door, with no luck. He then tried to bang on the door handle, with no luck either. He tried again and again and then the handle fell off. He dropped it and took a breath. But he would not give up. He then started to bash the door with his shoulder. Harder and harder each time. And then, the lock gave way. The door blasted open as the flames extended towards him, almost grabbing him with their tendrils of extreme heat. He covered his face from the heat and moved on forward, forgetting the fire extinguisher.
"Emily!" He shouted. No response.
He looked among the debris of the fallen supports and among the flames. He had to find her. She was his life.

"Neil! Help me" Shouted a voice among the flames.
Instantly, Neil knew it was Emily and rushed towards the voice. He found his wife being stuck under some debris with her arm reaching out of small hole. He moved the wooden supports and the debris away enough to get her out of there. Her body was badly burnt and she was lucky to be alive. Most of her body was alight and she was shouting with pain and agony.
"Oh god. No, no, no, no!" Neil shouted as he put her on his arms and started to run towards the doorway. He was out in the corridor and running down the stairs. His wife's body still slightly burning in his arms. He got the front step of the apartment block and shouted "Someone! Help me!" with no response.

He fell to his knees with his wife's body. He laid her on the ground, with his eyes full of tears, and asked her...
"Emily... Speak to me... Please" With no response.
He sobbed and laid his head lightly on her charred body. The riot could be heard from a far away as it has moved on, the only thing that could be heard is the crackling of the fire and his sad, yet furious, sobbing.

The noises of the riot died down as Neil stayed with his dead wife for at least thirty minutes, grieving her death. When loud footsteps were heard, approaching him. He looked up, his face wet with tears, and he saw the Metro Police.
"Oh! You have got to help me! My wife-" He shouted as the Metro Police got closer.
Before he could finish, the MPF moved closer and kicked him in the jaw, knocking Neil out, beside his wife's dead body.

Neil found himself waking up on a train. A train he has only seen with people getting off, but never on it. He sat up and noticed that there were quite a lot of people on the train. Mostly asleep. They all soon came to their senses and sat up too. They looked around and didn't recognize the area, some started sobbing, as they might never see their family again. Neil quickly stood up, to look for anyone he knew. With no luck, he didn't see his friends, co-workers, no one. He then started to think it was all a dream, or at least hoped for it. He looked around the train quickly for his wife, hoping she didn't really die, for any kind of hope. But she was no where to be seen. At that point, he has lost everything. He sat down and started to weep. He lost his home, family, job. Everything.

The train announcer spoke through the intercom...

"Welcome to City 18"

Yes, I have used this in my Application.

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Neil Dubrosvky's backstory. Empty Re: Neil Dubrosvky's backstory.

Post  The Real Topsy Krett on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:53 pm

Mine was better
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Neil Dubrosvky's backstory. Empty Re: Neil Dubrosvky's backstory.

Post  L.Lawliet on Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:57 pm

The Real Topsy Krett wrote:Mine was better
So topsy did you come to this server just to troll/be a critic on everything?
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Neil Dubrosvky's backstory. Empty Re: Neil Dubrosvky's backstory.

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