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Tactical Surge Gaming Application. Empty Tactical Surge Gaming Application.

Post  joker-joey78 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:59 am

Question ONE: Please state your position on our server, citizen, CWU, MPF or OTHER (specify).
My positon is a citizen on the server, i plan on upgrading and becoming part of the team Exclamation

Question TWO: Please state how long you have played on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2RP Server.
I have been on the server for about a week and a half now, Its better then most hl2rp servers out there. And i wanna become part of the team Smile

Question THREE: Please state three reasons why you believe you should be an admin on our server. Then state what is different about you from other applicants.
I think i should be an admin because, I have much experience with adminship, Through Darkrp, Seriouserp, semiseriouse rp, and hl2rp's. I know about the rules and how to handle people that dissobey the rules or need help on the server. I love knowing i can help people out and succeed with what they asked for.

Question FOUR: Do you have past administrative experience? (yes, no) Yes, Not on this server.
If yes, are you still an admin? (yes,no) Yes,on another server.
If you are no longer an admin, why are you no longer in that position? (explain) N/A

Question FIVE: Please state why you have chosen to apply for ADMIN on Tactical Surge Gaming.
I have applied for ADMIN because, I think its the right position for me, Its fits what i like, and it fits what im in to.

Question SIX: If you were in a situation where you were faced by two punchwhores randomly killing citizens, what would be your approach?
I would ask another Team member to take one aside and talk to them about why they are doing the situation their doing. As i would take the other and talk to them and figure out why they were doing it. Then i would the the Team member talk to me about it and we would figure out what we would do together.

Question SEVEN: What are your desires for our server? Where do you wish the server to be in a few months time?
I hope the server to be very populated, With some of my friends and their friends. I want our server to be the best Hl2rp in the history of GMOD!

Question EIGHT: How long have you been playing Half Life 2 Roleplay?
I have been playing HL2RP for awhile now. And continue playing on this server.
Question NINE: How old are you?
Question TEN: What is your time zone? (e.g. Pacific Standard Time, MST)
Eastern Time Zone.
Question ELEVEN: What do you think makes a good admin?
Hmm, Tuff question, Many answers. I think a good admin is someone who knows how to handle situations and not spas out and flip out on people. i think people that know how to take things easy and relaxing know how to be a good admin, also people who know the rules front to back.
Question TWELVE: If you were an admin for Tactical Surge Gaming, would you follow the guidelines and server rules, as well as represent the TSG Community, in a professional manner?

P.s- I hope i get a chance to be part of this amazing HL2RP and i get to show how much i can do Very Happy


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