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Post  Doctor Death921 on Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:51 pm


Question ONE: Please state your position on our server, citizen, CWU, MPF or OTHER (specify).

I am currently a citizen, but I am working my way towards joining the CWU. I have also submitted an application for MPF. (MPF application was submitted on April 9th, 2012)

Question TWO: Please state how long you have played on the Tactical Surge Gaming HL2RP Server.

I cannot say exactly. I have play off and on, but I am typically committed to the server on weekends. Over the past few weeks, I have played quite a lot, and I have racked up a good amount of hours. I have also played on the server quite a while back I do believe, but I stopped for a long time until just recently. If I do remember correctly, that was because I simply was taking time away from my computer games to focus on school academics.

Question THREE: Please state three reasons why you believe you should be an admin on our server. Then state what is different about you from other applicants.

First off, I do believe I can provide assistance at times when other admins are not on the server. Since I assume many players are from different time zones around the world, I could provide admin coverage for our players that are located in North America (That is, of course, if we do not already have admins that are from North America.).

Secondly, I would consider myself having a good amount of patience. I listen to the players problems, and I solve the ones that I can. If any problem arises that I cannot properly address, I will seek out help from the other admins if that is possible. If not, I would make note to look back into the problem at a later time if it requires research on my part (e.g. Server bugs. I do not control how the game itself works. Server bugs are things that I, and a lot of people, cannot fix. But sometimes it takes some digging around on the internet to find an answer to a problem that is possible to solve. I would do my best to find the solutions to those problems. If not, I would give it up to the server owner to see if he had any knowledge on what to do).

Thirdly, I would consider myself to be a mature and unbiased person. As an admin, I realize that it is my job to solve the players problems and to keep things in line. I would listen to the issues and solve them accordingly. When it comes down to player vs. player disputes, I would not bias myself towards any player (e.g. A friend. I have a few close friends who also play on the server, and I know some of them do not always get along with others. I would do my best to not let that get in the way of my judgment). I would not quit out on a player either just simply because I do not have the time to listen to him/her address their issue. If someone has a problem, I will always try to get it fixed. It is my job to facilitate the gameplay of the players.

Something I believe that makes my application different from others is that I am able to be flexible with what I am assigned. My experience does not limit me to just what I know, I am willing to learn anything new to help out and fill in any gaps that need to be filled in on the server.

Question FOUR: Do you have past administrative experience? (yes, no)
If yes, are you still an admin? (yes, no)
If you are no longer an admin, why are you no longer in that position? (explain)

I do indeed have past administrative experience. I worked with a simple Garrysmod RP server for a time. *

No, I am no longer an admin of that server.

The server owner and I have parted ways, and I have no longer been in contact with him. The server still being online is questionable.

*( I also have experience with administration on a few internet chat rooms. There is still one I am currently OP on. I am not sure if that is information you want exactly, but it is past administrative experience.)

Question FIVE: Please state why you have chosen to apply for ADMIN on Tactical Surge Gaming.

I greatly enjoy the Tactical Surge Gaming serious Half-Life 2 server. I believe that becoming an admin will help allow me to provide assistance to other admins and server players. In the end, I hope I can help improve the server in anyway that I can.

Question SIX: If you were in a situation where you were faced by two punchwhores randomly killing citizens, what would be your approach?

As according to server rules: “Punchwhoring = Ban.” Now, if these two players were new to the server, I would see if I could get them into RP school so someone (Or myself if need be) could teach them proper etiquette on the server. With veteran players or any players who have completed RP school; I would have them banned for however long is needed. Since I do not know the proper time to ban someone for punchwhoring is, I would set their ban to three days. If they come back and become a repeat offender, I would ban them permanently. If you cannot follow the rules the first time, you should rarely be given a second chance. If you blow that second chance, you lose it all. (Unless of course they request the ban to be uplifted and it is removed.)

Question SEVEN: What are your desires for our server? Where do you wish the server to be in a few months time?

My desire is for the server to become a “tidier” place. One reason that prompted me to apply for admin is because of the increase in Minge-players. I have seen names that do not follow the specified rules, along with character descriptions. Many players seem to be unable to role play properly as well. I am not speaking of the ones who are new and do not understand the basics of “/roll” and OOC and LOOC; I speak of the ones who join the server and cause general mayhem. Improper grammar, improper responses to situations, and improper IC behavior are just some of the problems with some of the players I have noticed. Those who can be taught should be taught. Those who cannot (or refuse to be) should no longer be able to participate in the server.

Question EIGHT: How long have you been playing Half Life 2 Roleplay?

I have played Half-Life 2 Roleplay ever since I downloaded Steam and purchased Garrysmod in 2009. I was never much of one to play build servers. It was the Roleplay servers that caught my eye. I have played a good amount of different Half-Life 2 Roleplays, but the Tactical Surge Gaming server was the one that I enjoyed the most, thus leading me to where I am now.

Question NINE: How old are you?

I am fifteen years old. I will be sixteen this coming September.

Question TEN: What is your time zone? (e.g. Pacific Standard Time, MST)

Eastern Standard Time. (North America)

Question ELEVEN: What do you think makes a good admin?

Someone who is patient and listens carefully. Someone that can solve issues that arise and be able to conduct a proper response to them. I think being friendly is also a good trait for an admin. An admin should also be able to handle pressure, and should be able to see things through fully.

Question TWELVE: If you were an admin for Tactical Surge Gaming, would you follow the guidelines and server rules, as well as represent the TSG Community, in a professional manner?

Of course, I could not think otherwise.

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