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Rule/Guide For CP. Empty Rule/Guide For CP.

Post  Burningfox6 on Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:55 pm

Hello, I am Burningfox6 and I will guide you through the adventure that is being a CP. Now, I know
Gir-Ite should write this, but he wasn't here, at the time. So, moving on! Now, for this guide/rule I
will be teaching you how to act/RP as an MPF to each according rank.

RCT: You're a lowly Recruit, people think you're useless and/or a waste of time. Although, they don't
have faith in you, you might be able to prove your worth, but they don't care, they'll be rough on you,
and you're going to be weak, lack the skills to command or fire a gun and any general "Police Officer"
duties. (Unless your character was a Police Officer, before, but I doubt that, and do go and make one,
now, because I said that. (Also, don't be completely angry/raging at Citizens and know every code.)

04-02: Well, you proved your worth and you're in the very generic rank of CPs! You're not completely
loyal, but you now have a tough-backbone and have no fear to beat up a Citizen. Well, it might be
there, but you must hide it. Also, you lose a bit of your emotions.

01: This is the line between Loyal-To-The-Union and I-Want-To-Betray-Them. This is when you'll be
getting brainwashed. You can't go Rogue from 01+, so, don't try.

EpU: Elite Protection Unit, congratulations, you've passed the numbers and are able to now pick a
Division. Choose wisely, for it forms your whole career. Basic emotions, from now on. Also, you now have
the authorization to give authorization to give-out rations. (Sounds a bit confusing, but basically,
you can give out Rations, or allow an 04+ to give them out.)

OfC: Officer, great job, you now are completely advanced and have the authorization to train RCTs. So,
have fun training those "Newbies". Small amounts of emotions. You are augmented.

DvL: Divisional Leader, amazing! You've went from RCT-OfC and had the Respect/"Good-Sense" to try and
get DvL, and you did! Now, a DvL controls a Division, which means he can boss around most, besides SeC+. Trace amounts of emotion.

SeC: Wow, you're the leader of the CP team (besides CA.) and you show no emotion and/or sympathy. You don't "care" about hurting people, and you are prone to defending the CA with your life.

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