How to Rp as a BMD/Rebel

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How to Rp as a BMD/Rebel Empty How to Rp as a BMD/Rebel

Post  Devildrvr(44343) on Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:36 pm

Hello everyone! This Devildrvr here, Aka Andra "Reaper" Higgins and Union 44343.
Currently an admin on the server, I thought that some of you should know how to Rp as a BMD or more specifically, a BMD-All feedback is fine, appreciated.


The resistance. Humanities "final stand" The ones who kill MPF and go around wielding shotguns and crossbows and have anything at the cost of a few tokens. They have millions of people and can outgun the Combine. Right?


The resistance has ONE goal, to preserve humanity. They don't go around murdering Cp's in cold blood, and they sure as hell can't compare to the Combine. Most people think resistance members are well trained, but, most of them are just citizens who don't agree with the Combines nature.
"But, Devildrvr!" How do they survive the slums and Cp's without huge shoot'em up guns?!"
Well, first, the Resistance has very little resources. They either get their resources from other, more structured areas, like the outlands. Or, inside people in the many Combine factories ship whatever they can to help the cause. Second, they DO have weapons, but, they are simple melee weapons that are only for Self-defense. "So, they sound pretty cool, how do I join them? Do I go into the slums?" No, many people think this is a good idea but REMEMBER, the slums is a VAST wasteland of zombies, headcrabs, antlions, cannibals, anti-citizens, etc. Not a very fun place. The best way to approach the Resistance members is to put up * Propaganda* "Uhh. what the hell is propaganda"? Might you say? Well, propaganda is the art of of commercialism! Create some things that catch peoples eyes, here is a good example- (This is written on a piece of paper, near the slums entrance and out of Regular Cp view) They killed our families. They destroyed all of our possessions, then took what little they had. Are they REALLY our benefactors? RESIST....Now, here is the part where it gets interesting. You need a "nickname" for yourself, like "Reaper" Or "Ghost" Or "Strawberry". These will allow resistance members to recognize you and look for YOU to join them. After they have found out about you, they will recommend you to the leader, and he will decide if you're worthy to join or not. Now, you should be experts on the resistance, or, not noobs anyways. NOW, what about BMD's? Black Market Dealers are the very few who have connections to supplies within the HL2 universe. They use this very helpful advantage to help others who need it, for a price. They could ask for a trade, tokens, people, whatever then desire. Let me just start this off with, BMD's are for REALLY good rper's in general, they know what they're doing. They also probably have REALLY good back-stories. Bmd's aren't common, and have connections like no other. Don't forget, if MPF ever catch wind of you, you're probably a dead man. Anyways, messing with a BMD "Aka" Robbing them is the worst idea ever, cause, most of them carry small arms and a few clips of ammo, just in case. Also, when you get the BMD class, don't go around selling things to everybody. This ICly promotes bad things, like MPF catching you, or the resistance hating you for selling to random citizens. OOCly is prevents mingery, which is bad. Last things to recap on, the resistance, in all its forms, are not humanities "last stand" and don't go around killing Cp's and citizens. They are not trained in any ways, and must be fully cooperative to learn the skills everyone must have. Its like the RCT's in the Combine, only, not in armour. Also, Propaganda is key to a good resistance, EVERYONE in the resistance will have to make some, and ALL of you will have to venture into the Plaza. Don't worry about being caught, Cp's don't know your a rebel unless you say it to them, and you can find Anti-citizens to recommend to the Co-leader/Leader.

I really hope this helps you new guys out, if you see ANY problems ask me to fix them.
Thank you and have a Non-civil day!

Andra 'Reaper' Higgins


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