Jacob 'Orion' Young's BMD app (Devildrvr)

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Jacob 'Orion' Young's BMD app (Devildrvr) Empty Jacob 'Orion' Young's BMD app (Devildrvr)

Post  Devildrvr(44343) on Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:07 pm

(Recap, I want Heavy Black market dealer, I promise not to minge-drop Shotguns around the map ^^)

Steam Name And ID: Devildrvr (Too lazy to find ID)

In-Game Character Name (This will be your BMD):
Jacob 'Orion' Young
How long have you played on the server (One week minimum)?:
I'm an admin. Shush.
Reason for becoming a BMD:
I believe we need a few BMD's, and I'm quite the Rper, also, I understand how the resistance works, which is rare among some people for some odd reason. Character Backstory

Character Backstory (Heavy BMD) (8 Paragraphs) (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):

Jacob was unlike most of the people in the 7 hour war, your common man, doing his work, his life, his will. Unlike most people, he didn't like large cities, and therefore, lived in the rural parts of America.
He was a professional stock trader, famed for his predictions of economic crises. Unfortunately, this skill didn't come in very much handy when the Combine started their seven-hour trudge through the entire world. Understand that the Combine didn't take over earth in seven hours, Breen surrendered earth (For the full reason why, play HL2) and the combine started to colonize. This gave Jacob time to think of how he would survive, using his advanced economical techniques and Basic wilderness survival skills. Around a month later, he was relocated to city 8, Jacob was Approximately 32 years of age when he was transferred. He knew that people weren't going to take this, and would form an uprising. He contacted them through propaganda and gave himself the Nickname "Orion" Due to the constellation he could see almost right outside his front door, his favorite. Orion entered the resistance and learned their techniques, rising to the basic level of Rebel. Around 2016, Orion was turning 35, when the resistance had grown very strong. They rebelled like no other time, attacking the combine with their overwhelming and unexpected forces. After the long, hard, months that followed, Orion decided that the resistance would get him killed sooner or later. Not too soon, the resistance was nearly crushed when the Combine used advanced technology and techniques. The leader decided to cut his loses, and pull back the assault. In response, he sent some of his most valuable soldiers to take the next tram to City 18, at different times of course. Although the attack had ceased, the leader knew that the Combine were not ready to just let them go. After sending much of his forces to multiple cities, he came upon Orion, who had managed the Economy of the Resistance, keeping it balanced and useful. The leader knew he was needed somewhere else, and gave him these words.."They will no doubt come after us, and after many nights of thinking, I've decided that you, my friend, have the experience to hold the supplies that City 8 no longer needs".
The leader left some of his most trusted men, and Orion, the vast amount of supplies disperse.
The soldiers guarding it said to simply give it to other cities, but Orion Knew better. He had came to a decision that he would SELL the goods to other cities, and supply the guards with profit, so long as they delivered the goods safely to his destination via anyway possible. With that, Orion took the next tram, alone, to a city of his choice, the city that showed the most promise to achieve with the items he would sell. That place was City 18. Now, Orion has just stepped off the tram, and needs to find a way of communicating with his Guards.

Where do you get your goods?:

From the guards back in City 8, they deliver it through long-distance professional couriers or find means of driving to City 18.

Who do you sell to and why?:

Orion will only sell to Resistance members given the O.k by the leader or trusted persons that Orion
thinks are fit to use the materials he has sold to them.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your flags, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: Hmm. I think I can manage not lol-selling to minges, or just buying 8 shipments of Smg's. Any at all feedback is APPRECIATED, THANK YOU FOR READING!!


Andra, 44343, and Jacob.


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Jacob 'Orion' Young's BMD app (Devildrvr) Empty Re: Jacob 'Orion' Young's BMD app (Devildrvr)

Post  Burningfox6 on Wed Feb 29, 2012 1:32 am

DENIED. Sorry, Devil, too short, technically only 1 paragraph, no SteamID and due to the ass-spawn, I have to close apps.

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