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Post  Ethan Mars on Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:30 am

(( Basically a first person video/Descriptive journey. You'll be able to tell. ))

A small group of citizens crowd around a TV in room 2B of the CCH:A in City 18. It's small, as can be expected. The Apartment was just sweeped. As the MPF killed an anti-citizen, he hurled a small video cassette in to a room. It was oddly titled "Albatross". Why not?

The screen flicked on, they were greeted by a middle-aged man, snow white hair. A serious demeanor about him. He wore his own suit coat, a scarf, a sweater underneath. Through his thin-rimmed glasses, his hazel eyes practically pierce the viewers. He is the aura of intimidation.

"Hello. I am Albatross. If you are viewing this, it's because you are the contact I told my courier to get to. I trust his abilities, this will not fall in the Metropolice Force's hands, and even if it did... There's nothing they can do." He paused for a moment to cough in to his hand, continuing in his stern voice, tightening his scarf only a little.

"I am wanted for immediate, globally-viewed execution for my crimes. I lead a movement that destroyed City 45 from the inside-out... Only at first because they had decided to provoke me ever so slightly. Hundreds of homicides hang on my head and my head alone. The rest of the group had dispersed... And the movement was under my name. At the moment, I am not at liberty to say where I am, although... I'll have to start over."

It was dawn in City 45, the city was in awful shape. The G22 movement had broken OTA lines, and managed to hail explosives inside of the one safer entrance of the Nexus. Dispatch constantly reeled out warnings of incoming OTA locks, of Synthetics being called in. Eventually, they were going to have to settle on simply bombarding the city.

But not yet. The Union would exhaust the amount of resources they thought the city was worth, and it wouldn't be good for morale if word got around that a fifty-seven year old man lead a movement of crimson-clad warriors that destabalized and destroyed a city.

Through the slums entrance, the hacker breached. The hydraulic system that the doors provided was too easy to trigger, and it only took a small biosignal code to allow access. He and his team of bodyguards shredded the panicking forces, who were too busy rushing towards the front of the Nexus, towards the sounds of explosives.

The Judgment Waiver alarm sounded out through the whole process... Their goal was going to be to shut it down, and then get out. They'd always destroy a city if a rebellion managed to move so far inside of the Nexus that they could outright stop the security measure.

Up a series of elevators and stairs, Albatross had ordered his men to hold back. The leader himself easily sprayed everything in his way. "Can I guess which one holds the Waiver and broadcast room?" He thought aloud, rounding a corner and planting five tightly grouped bullets in to each APEX's chest. He scooped up one of their AR2s, using the mobile Biosignal breach device to open the room. The Sectorial inside was caught off guard. As was the administrator, who sat in his broadcast pod.

The SeC had no time to react, his mask shattered as Albatross' new pulse round perforated it. The screens in the city now showed a panicking administrator, who desperately reached in his suit for something...

"It's not for personal greed that I did this. It was for the good of humanity. While they did separate me from my surrogate daughter, take her in to the MPF and then kill her... That isn't the full reason I decided to rise up. It was because under this oppression, they'd either turn Humanity in to a slave race, or completely and globally execute us once our purpose was fulfilled, our resources tapped out."

"It's easy to say that the Union brings peace, but they don't..."

The Administrator's head practically exploded, Albatross stepping on the broadcast screen.

Both the live feed and the video stated.

"Don't feed on their lies."

The extraction was rough, as soon as he cut the Judgment Waiver, alarms bleated throughout the Nexus. This signalled automatic destruction. The city was a lost cause, it was absolutely over. "Global Art-ILL-ery strike inbound, five minutes."

Five minutes barely saved Albatross' life... All he remembered were his feet creating metal thunder on the floor below. He literally leapt down borderline unsafe gaps and drops, speeding out of the Nexus. The rest of G22 fled like ants to a non-existant hill. Those in the plaza had no chance.

Beams of light were called down like Thunder from the Gods, disintigrating man after woman, be it fleeing civilian or G22 member. Albatross' personal group of bodyguards were caught in a blast... And he barely made it out alive.

Buildings were fallen, barren. The Nexus gave several loud creaks before deafeningly smashing in to the ground. Other buildings, completely weakened by the blasts, followed suit. Albatross had an empire in rubble. He had to flee.

The farthest city was City 18. Using a professional underground system that some man named "Katana" had developed, he got there in one piece... All of his notoriety following him.
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'Albatross' Empty Interesting.

Post  Devildrvr(44343) on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:11 am

Well, I like the story. I found some basic errors, like how one leader killed multiple APEX Ota's but I just filled those gaps in with imagination Razz

Anyways, the story is good, And this would probably happen eventually in at least one city. One question, how did you create the Biosignal device? Rouges and shit I guess. I cant imagine how much work this must have been for those other rebels. And, how much work and time for that tunnel complex? City 18 is in Russia, 45 is in..I have no idea. On a final note, good work, and I look forward to seeing you in the HL2 universe!


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