Gary Mxsoap MPF applaction

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Gary Mxsoap MPF applaction

Post  Gary D on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:34 pm

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:34886433

In-Game Main Character Name:Gary Mxsoap

How long have you played on the server?:Not long but I have been be playing HL2RP for a good few months

Character Backstory (Minimum Two Paragraphs (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):I was born in the slums of city 19 and was treated roughly and dicided I wanted join the MPF and move to city 18. After I moved to city 18 I noticed lots of pepole braking multipule CP laws and asalting each other. I thought right thats it I am going to join the MPF, and thats how I ended up here
[sorry it's not long and a few spelling mistakes im dyslexic so im not very good at writing long things and spelling sorry.]

Examples of actions you would do In-Game (Minimum 10):
bob:/apply bob,878267 ect....
me:/me pulls out zip tew and attempts to search
me: do you resist?
me:/me ties bob up and searches
me: all right you can go all clear here
bob: thanks

Why do you want to be MPF?:Well I always like being a metro cop on HL2Rp server it
is fun and I find it very easy to rp with.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: Yes I understand

Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?:Yes

Do not go Rogue without my authorization! (Burningfox6). Also, If I'm not on, ask someone to ask me,

and just try to get your rank to 04 before you go Rogue.: I wont

Gary D

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