MPF Application

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MPF Application

Post  Pwny on Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:19 am

Steam Name: AMM | Pwny

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37674375

In-Game Main Character Name: Athena Cross

How long have you played on the server?: Two day's.

Character Backstory (Minimum Two Paragraphs) (Paragraph: Minimum Four Complete Sentences Per Paragraph):
She was never really "born" she was an experiment from black mesa. They where trying to make a breed of super human CP. They sent her to City 17 to see how she would react to citizen's. She did pretty well, other than bugging the fuck out of her peer's. She was sent back by force. She tried to escape, but failed. She was tested on, more, untill she broke. They had to erase her memory. After year's of research, torture, and test's they sent her to City 18 to be tested in the MPF.

When on the MPF, she did task for the Jury, and SeC. Such as handing out ration's, and oh yeah killing rebel's. Her mind was bent in Black Mesa, after being tortured for trying to escape twelve times, and even did once until they found her. She was evil. She wanted everyone, and everything to burn. She was like the CP's little assassin. But she always thought of turning around, and start to hack away at the CP's men. The men in MPF gave her a hard time. She always hated men, if she could she would light them on fire. If she ever, even a little try to rebel, the CP punish her, brutaly. She captured a zombie from the rebel's. It was enslaved, and assigned to her. It was her only escape from work. It was her only friend, the only one she trusted.

Examples of actions you would do In-Game (Minimum 10):
*I walk up to a pay phone*
/me reaches into her jacket pocket, grabbing a token.
/me hesitates, but then put's the coin in the pay slot.
/me grabs the phone, with her left hand, off the rack.
/me dials in a number 25794- but then pushes in the hangup button.
*Does the sit on floor animation*
/me has tears running down her cheek's. The phone dangles from the cord.
Bobby Wayne: Are you alright, dude?
/me ignores Bobby. She focuses on rubbing her two thumb's together.
Bobby: Hey, can you hear me?
Bobby: /me attempts to slap her with his left hand.
*I roll a 27*
Bobby: /roll
*He roll's a 73*
Bobby: /me slap's her with his left hand
/me screams, while her head slams on the frame of the phone.
*CP Run's up*
CP: Citizen, Apply.
Bobby: Kiss my ass CP
CP: /me attempts to choke the bobby
CP: /roll
*Roll's a 98*
Bobby: /roll
*Rolls a 3*
*Bobby Minge run's*
CP ignores the minge and returns to me.

Why do you want to be MPF?: I would like to be in the MPF because it would allow me to role play the character I wan't.

Do you understand that if you abuse your rights your character will be banned, you will lose your whitelist, and you may be banned temporarily depending on your actions?: I understand that I must Role Play my job professional.

Do you understand that if you show traitorous actions and traits you will be amputated and PKed?: I understand completely.

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Re: MPF Application

Post  Fox McCloud on Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:25 am

Your back-story doesn't make any sense, the MPF would kill a child, nevertheless a new born baby, on sight.

Also, your role play seems more of citizen rather than MPF role play.

-support for now

EDIT: Back story is a little better, but you still need to work on the RP. My stance remains.

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Re: MPF Application

Post  Spectre Once-ler on Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:28 am

What Wolf said.

This application is NEUTRAL until revised.
Spectre Once-ler
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Re: MPF Application

Post  Burningfox6 on Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:50 am


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Re: MPF Application

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