A Blood Stained Journal

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A Blood Stained Journal Empty A Blood Stained Journal

Post  Burningfox6 on Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:51 pm

*The book is in poor condition and most pages are cut out. There is signs of blood on it, and scratch marks. I even think a bullet marking is on it, near the corner.*

*Blood splats cover most of the writing.*

We A*e H*re!

B*: Re****.

Hello, ***. I have to inform you about us. ****** *** **** ***** ***** ***. That's where you can find *** ***. We have very little ***** *** * *** *** ****. But we have plenty of supplies. / / /
/ **

Now, you know where to find us, and how many supplies we have and how many people we have. We used to have an army. The small destroyed city is a good place to start, but **** prevents ** from coming to **** ** // // () *Smudging* fgthjklmjhgfhjklmjhgfhjklkhuyghjklkuygtfyhjklkjhg --------dfghje.

I hope to see you soon, **** *Gunshot* ( ( ) ) yes.

Good***, **

Sin- ***


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A Blood Stained Journal Empty Re: A Blood Stained Journal

Post  Devildrvr(44343) on Fri Mar 09, 2012 12:32 am

(Seen through the head of Andra 'Reaper' Higgins)

/me Picks the journal up, lightly

"Well, what have we got here.."

/me flips through the pages of the book, or what little is left of it

/me lets out a small sigh as she attempts to read the blood-stained pages

"Another life, gone"

"I guess the walls really did come down..as if I didn't already know.."

/me puts the journal back into its original spot

"I'd better head out. Jess will be worried."
/me walks towards the darkness, becoming one with it, and slinking away into the vast complex known as the slums


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