Compilation of my ideas (I'll be editing more in later)

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Compilation of my ideas (I'll be editing more in later) Empty Compilation of my ideas (I'll be editing more in later)

Post  Ethan Mars on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:16 am

Some of my ideas go against canon, or add new things in. These will regard server rules to in game, in character things. I'll compartmentalize them as best as I can

In Game: ERASER Unit. Any sort of Ghost or Phantom Unit is highly impractical. They still wear uniforms, and if they have to ice anyone or perform espionage, they're pretty easy to spot from the get-go. Remove uniform? Well, anyone trusted to do something incredibly dangerous probably has augments, rebels don't have augments.

Introducing the ERASER Unit! Androids that look, walk, and talk exactly like humans. They are programmed to obey the law and act as a normal citizen would. They each have pre-set names, and different appearances. While they have autonomous will, they are literally incapable of performing anti-civil activities.

Upon orders, they will seek out and eliminate high-priority targets by their own means. If that means a long, intricate plan of gaining the rebel disguise and slowly but surely getting to the back of the person in question. Or it could be as blunt as walking up and blowing their brains out.

Their appearance cannot change. So if they are caught, they are usually scrapped. Being very expensive to make, only few of them can be in effect overall. (If your Eraser gets PKed, you can't make another.) Also, their leash is their weakness. If there's a proving test to say, kill a Civil Protection officer, they will either go completely rogue (No ability to side with anyone), or shut down (PK.)

There is, of course, a few kinks to work out. But this seems like a feasible thing that the Union would do to spread their seeds of control.

Wanted Poster Severity List:

Minor Crimes (Resisting Arrest, Belligerent, Running, Audio Violations etc. etc. etc.) All units can engage without fear.

Minor Crimes that involve Harm/Abuse (Punching Someone, Robbing someone, raping someone) without a weapon can be engaged by 04s+ without fear. 05s may be a little nervous to get in a scuffle.

Minor Crimes that imply death (Armed Robbery/Rape) 03s+ can engage without fear, 04 Nervous, 05 isn't allowed to engage.

Medium Crimes (Armed Assault, Several Counts of Malcompliance, Contraband Distribution, assault/injury of an officer, killing a civilian, etc. etc.) 01+ only. 02- stand down

Heavy Crimes (Murder of several civilians, murdering an officer, Gang Anticivil activity, heavy contraband, any weapon besides a pistol or melee, etc.) 01- stand down, anything above an 01 may engage.

Severe Crimes (Massacre of Citizens, Murdering multiple officers, Violent Gang Activity, Distribution of Heavy Contraband, Capital Malcompliance, etc.) Same as Heavy

Notorious Crimes (To source HL2 Canon, Gordon Freeman would fit this example. Anyone who has earned a name leading an org, movement, gang etc. Who kill or are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Union officials or MPF/OTA, destabilize cities, what have you) OTA and Sectorial only on Sectorial's word. (So OTA can't engage unless called in specifically to apprehend or kill that person.)

Civilians cannot go after anyone above minor, doesn't matter if officers are engaging or not.

Off-Duties can not engage anyone unless an officer is already engaging AND they meet the proper rank.

FearRp severity

Crowding around officers (in general) = Warn then kick
Crowding around officers (while they are doing something) = Kick
Attempting to attack an officer unarmed (AKA not on the defense) = Kick, then 30 minute ban
Yelling "Fuck the combine" etc. over and over without rhyme or reason = Kick, then 30 minute ban.
Intentionally egging on officers (Disobeying orders just to get a rise or doing them the absolute slowest you can) = 30 minute ban. Exception is if you're a rebel and GETTING AWAY.
Doing any of these to officers above 01 = Hour Ban
Not heeding warnings in a fearful manner without IC reason = Warn/RPSchool, kick
Being a total badass without good reason (IC Experience) = CharBan, RP school

FearRP note

You shouldn't have to /me trembles or /me bites their lip every time someone that radiates fear approaches. That just makes you seem power hungry to mention it every time. An OTA drawing breath will not make citizens shit their pants, I'm sorry. Citizens fear in the silent, scattering rat type of manner. They don't flip their shit and run away screaming.

Now an OTA killing someone in cold blood? That will inspire a screaming, shit-your-pants kind of fear.

MPFs that are RCTs or 05s might stammer a little, but that shouldn't be a required character factor. What happened to ambition, trying to impress your superiors? They might unnerve you, but when your superior tells you to do something, one might reply with "Yes Sir!" while the other may be "Uh... yes sir..."

Just because someone's an 05 who makes mistakes from time to time doesn't mean that when a SeC asks them to do something, they go "U... uh... uh... uhm.. uh.. I... Uh.." No. I'm sorry. Unless that's a character trait, that's unrealistic and probably wouldn't happen too much.

After all, there are people you hear about in life that are absolute badasses, and while OTA are, and while the SeC is, some may be passed off as embellishment. FearRP needs a bit of touching up and specification. Because as it stands, it makes the people who hold higher ranks seem somewhat douchey. Who basically go "SCREAM WHEN I FUCKING WALK IN OR IT'S BAD RP."

So I'm going to make a quick little list of how you should react to what, and perhaps provide an example.

If you are a citizen:
Other citizens: Depends, are they just assholes, or do they have a gun? Are they your friend, or against you? Use common sense. If they are hostile, do remember that they are desperate and might shoot you for the money to buy a water.

Citizen Joe draws a gun, sticking it in the man's face in front of him. "Give me your tokens!"
/me nods, hastily and shakily drawing his tokens, he hands them over to the man.

RCT-05: They're you in a suit. You don't fear them and you don't hold their words to be true. But the moment they break out a stunstick or pistol, stop antagonizing them unless you are ready for a fight.

/me chuckles at the 05's threat, seeing it as empty.
05 flicks on his stunstick, setting the voltage to high, holding it menacingly.
05: "Move back, RIGHT now."
/me shakes his head, offering a sarcastic "Whatever you say."

04: Same as above, except they're a bit more firm and ready, little experience on the job but you shouldn't antagonize them once they threaten you. You don't FEAR them, perhaps. But you don't want to cause problems.

/me shakes his head at the 04s first order to move.
04 draws her pistol, flicking off the safety.
04: "I said move."
Me: "Okay, okay." (Not fearful, but not being a dumbass.)

03: They have MP7s. They are still you in a suit, but that imagery is starting to fade. Their words have a bit more power, it'd be best to not antagonize them at all. Still, you may not fear them, but if they start to get mad at you, it wont be too late to ask for mercy.

03 orders you to get on the wall, he has his MP7 firmly gripped.
/me sees the weapon, knowing the man will probably make good on his threat.
03: "Get on the wall, now!"
/me hesitates slightly, but gives in to his demands.

02-01: They're enough for you to start quickening your step. They're on the verge of becoming inhuman, they've built some spirit and a lack of fear to pulling the trigger if you are disobedient. You'll know this.

/me approaches the hardpoint, rather curiously.
01 emerges from the shield, upon seeing the citizen, takes a threatening step towards him.
/me turns and quickly walks away, hoping that the 01 extends her mercy.

Anything above that: You don't start shit with them, you don't do anything to anger them. Their orders are met with a yes unless you are armed, and ready to fight for your life. They aren't joking around. If they are mad at you, you are probably going to stammer, sweat... Because at that point, your life is in their hands.

/me quickly jogs up the sidewalk, thudding in to an OTAs chest.
OTA: "Anti-citizen, wall."
Me: "Y... y... yes sir... Oh god..."
OTA attempts to tie the man.
/me doesn't dare resist, too afraid of dying by an OTA's hand.

Rebels are all dynamic, except for Legendary ones. You either idolize them, or fear them.

RCTs to 04 (Wont provide too many Rp examples here.)

Citizens: You are still one, save a couple of perks. You're not ready to shoot one yet, but at the same time you're ready to meter justice and discipline if absolutely necessary. You may let minor things slide, and show a modicum of kindness, that is, when superiors aren't looking.

RCTs: You're either there, or just past it, so you wont go pushing them around, after all, you don't have much to your name.

05s: You're there, one rank past, or one rank below. Mutual respect. These are generally your 'croot buddies, your graduating classmates, as it were. So just act normal around them, or however your character would act.

04s: See 05

03s: Show some respect, you aren't there yet, but you probably aren't too far. You don't have to kiss their ass, as they literally have no say to your advancement. But if they tell you to do something, they are still your superior. You have to do it, although you don't have to respect them or show any sort of care.

02s or 01s: They're on the verge, show respect. They may be your drill sergeant. They're teachers, generally, teachers who fight. Don't go starting shit with them. All they have to do is file a few reports and you're gone. Although you probably aren't too afraid of their combat prowess

EpUs: Salute when they pass, they might intimidate you a little, but not enough to unnerve you or throw you off focus.

OTAs: They're scary, and lower ranks will basically fantasize about the things they do. You aren't going to fear them outright, as after all, they are on your side. But if you see them execute someone, you'll feel uneasy. Seeing displays of their complete disregard might make you a bit sick.

OfC, DvL: You better show UTMOST respect, personal vendettas aside, if you don't salute them when they pass, they could find a reason to blackmark you. You will not, under any circumstances, want to start shit with them. It is not beneficial to your life, or job, in any way. An exception may be that you have an anger flare/problem, but you better do some SERIOUS ass-kissing and apologizing. You might not fear them because of the respect you hold for them.

Small time Anti-citizens/rebels: They're what builds experience.
Rebels (The standard ones who might have killed a few) You don't really want to mess with them, at all. They possess more experience than you and are more powerful.
High Ranking Rebels: Do not engage under any circumstance. If you see a confirmed one, you get your ass to cover and report it to a higher officer.
Legendary Rebels/Leaders: See High Ranking Rebel, they will instill fear in you. Mass homicides of officers that have done a LOT more than you, even OTA. You might be too petrified to even report them. Doesn't matter how ambitious or brave you are. They are marked as suicide missions.

SeC: See DvL, times that respect by 10


Citizens: Who are they? While 03s might still have remorse about beating them, these guys are basically the little lemmings you have to watch over from time to time. They begin to fear you.

RCT-05: Newbies. You might not be TOO far up the list compared to them. But what they did is all been-there-done-that. While you could get away with pushing them around, it is generally unnecessary.

04: They're on their way to being like you. They might be grouped with you on hardpoint guard. And they will probably show a modicum of respect to you. They aren't your superiors, but it wouldn't hurt to show decency to them.

03: If you are an 03, this is probably your 'croot buddy. Your partner in most cases, that guy or gal that you have bagged anti-citizens with. Neutral emotions/friendly. 02 or 01, they're basically an 03's 04. They're about to be like you. So be a decent person.

02: 03s might have a slight bit of awe. 02s and 01s, you're all birds of a feather, again, likely 'croot buddies.

01: see 02. 02's and 03s will have a bit of awe and respect. You're on that verge! You are about to be physically altered. Others 01s are probably your croot buddies, and support system through it all. All in all, little to no fear.

Anything above: You better damn well show respect. You're starting to mean something to them, so keep it that way. No drama. You probably wont fear them because, now you have a degree of experience! You've been there too. So you're ready to respect and awe. (And yes, that means 03s wont have to sweat every time an OTA draws breath.)

Small time Ac/Rebel: You're used to them. Unafraid to whack em around a bit, but perhaps you'll have a small qualm about killing them. After all, they're usually just desperate and pathetic.

Regular Rebels: You're on par with them, so feel free to engage. Not at your own discretion, of course. Definitely not alone. call some backup.

High Ranking Rebels: Report it. You might think you're ready for a fight but you probably are not. They're dangerous, usually.

Legendary Rebels/Faction Leaders: Same as lower rank reactions. You absolutely are petrified when it comes to engaging them.

Alright, next up. Anything above 01, will only cover rebels here.

Small-time: Fodder, feel free to rip 'em to shreds.
Regular: You could probably take several on on your own. They fear YOU.
High rankers: Your equals, generally. They may have taken a few of your ability out before. So call some backup.
Legendary/Leader: You have respect for these enemies, and you will not underestimate your abilities. Physical augments aside, they have probably killed MANY like you. Engage on SeC's word and planning.

Rebel time!

Small time/Anti-citizen:

Citizens: See regular citizen. You're not a name yet, so it is all dynamic and dependent on the person. Your appearance and first impressions do boatloads of work, here.

RCTs -> 04s: These guys are the ones you use to develop your name among a seedier group of people. For RCTs and 05s, you are starting to dull your sense of fear entirely, believing you could take them on 1v1, perhaps. 04s, you still possess common sense. They are gaining experience. And you would have to think it out before starting anything with them.

03s: They have MP7s, common sense would tell you to just leave them alone. Small amount of fear.

02-01: Absolutely do not engage. They're on the verge of becoming your biggest nightmare. Best to remain under the radar when it comes to them.

OTA/EpU/DvL/OfC/SeC: You've done some bad, your name might even be known for this, be absolutely afraid around them. Watch your step, be nervous. Sweat, stumble, stammer. YOU HAVE A REASON TO. They'll kill you without breaking a sweat, and you have hardly done anything.

Your boss: You work for, see RCT-04's (Anything above) section.

Legendary Rebels: You're nowhere NEAR good enough for them to recognize you. You'll either kiss their ass or fear them.

Regular Rebel:

Citizen: Depends. These guys are where your recruits come from. So be a decent Robin Hood, but don't be afraid to rough up some loyalists. The worst they can do is report you. And a well placed threat will generally make sure that they don't do anything too dumb.

RCT through 03: Yeah, 03s have Mp7s, big deal. You're about their equal by now. So you feel ready to take them on in a scuffle. You'll still use common sense. Anyone below you might even have the balls to try and intimidate.

02-01: They're your equals, plus a level of difficulty. You'll use common sense before taking them on, but you don't fear them. Up until now, they ARE still citizens in suits, no matter how tough to the job they are getting.

Anything above: You'll need your fellow toughs to even consider taking one on. And you'll have some fear to their steady aim and brutal reputation. You don't know anything about your gang yet, so if they catch you, they'll just brutally kill you. You're useless to them, and only serve as a small, peon-esque obstacle

Lower Rebels: You treat with decency. You need as much good backup on the field as you can get. And you aren't high-and-mighty yet.

Rebels your rank: You'll treat decently. You don't fear them. But they are your backup.

Your boss: See RCT-04s (Anything above) section

Legendary: You're just a soldier of the cause to them. You are probably star struck, and do NOT want them pissed at you.

High Rankers:

Citizens: Depends. Be a hero to the potential recruits, be a source of fear for the loyalists. You're a name, now.

01 and below: Haha, these guys don't want to engage you for good reason. Don't be afraid to take them on, maybe even in numbers against you. (Anything higher than 4v1 is considered lack of FearRP, though)

Anything above: They're still somewhat more powerful than you, but you could probably take one or two on in combat.

Low Rankers: They hold you on a pretty high pedestal (Only Legends or Leaders are above you, after all). You probably want to be decent, see regular rebel.

Regulars: You probably lead a squad of them. Treat them decently. Feel free to keep them in line.

High Rankers: Your buddies, your flock. You respect their abilities, and they respect yours.

Legends/Leaders: You are somebodies to them. And you still highly respect their abilities and the stories surrounding them.

Legends/Leaders: Not doing this section because if you are approved for a character like this, you know how to RP for sure.


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